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Wow! snow in Texas?!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Gamingknight208, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Gamingknight208

    New Member

    yup that's right, its going to snow in burnet Texas for the first time in like 90 years!. its going to be 26 degrees and its going to be covered in snow!. School is canceled xD.
  2. ToastedNuggets

    ToastedNuggets Staff Member Senior Moderator BART ELI

    Yesss! Dude you so lucky.
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  3. Henaliest


    Nice. In the U.K. it's always cold but snow is rare. It's hinted itself a few times tho lol.
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  4. Skincare


  5. SethTheSquirrel


    I live in houston, 42 degrees, rainy. No snow.
  6. nedthefed

    nedthefed Staff Member Staff Manager Manager

    No - in the south it's rare, come up North & that changes. A few days ago I had constant snow for around ~24 hours straight.
  7. DanielEvans15YT

    DanielEvans15YT Staff Member Mod ELI

    Snow in England?! Common you got this D:
  8. Kahuno

    Kahuno Staff Member Mod ISAAC ELI

    Y’all all happy about snow... come live in New York where you get enough snow for a snow day in November.
  9. Henaliest


    Shoulda mentioned I'm a southerner. :)
  10. LucidMusic


    Lucky dude in Australia you gotta drive up a huge mountain to even get some snow, but other then that its hot hot hot its likee 37 degrees here or like 70 for you or something
  11. Abbaku // Abby

    Abbaku // Abby

    Are you Fr? it's only 40 degrees in Dallas rn ;-;
  12. SethTheSquirrel


    its 42 degrees in houston and raining. WE WANT SNOW NOT COLD RAIN! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU NATURE

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