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Why can't we play on multiple islands?

Discussion in 'Skyblock Discussion' started by Exotic, Jan 11, 2017.

Would you like to see this happen?

  1. Yes, I would love to own an island and be member of another island as it would make life a lot easie

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  2. No, I wish to stay on 1 island permanently and start a brand new island when I leave someone else's

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  3. Yes, but I have some suggestions (reply below)

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  4. No, but I can add on to your idea to make it better(reply below)

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  1. Exotic

    Exotic New Member

    just a suggestion, can't promise everyone will like it but I think it would be awesome if we can own say 2 islands(maybe more maybe less) and also be a member on another is. Many people have been quitting an island because there was nothing to do, and I feel like having access to multiple islands would really help.

    A layout suggestion:
    This is just a suggestion for some donor perks.

    A non donor can OWN 1 island and be is members on 3 other islands
    Donor-OWN 1 island, is member on 4 other islands
    VIP-own 1 island, is member on 5 other islands
    Premium-own 2 islands, is member on 10(up to)other islands
    Legendary-own 3 islands, is member on 15(up to) other islands
    Elite-own 5 islands, is member on 30(up to) other islands
    Master Donor- own 10 islands, is member on an infinite amount of islands(no limit)

    Again, this is just a suggestion for the donor special perks.
    Layout 2

    Samething as above, but donors who own more than 1 island can have a "main island" and "sub islands" the main island is what we have now and sub islands may be limited in other areas, perhaps size, piston limits IDK. Anything to make the "sub islands" less than the "main islands"
  2. Nexxie

    Nexxie Veteran

    i like your idea, but I did have and idea, and posted about it, with clans. I think your idea would go good with something like that, where you can own multiple clan islands, or multiple islands, along with your clan. Of course, both our ideas are suggestions :)
  3. nedthefed

    nedthefed Staff Member Staff Manager

    I don't believe the plugin supports multiple islands per player, currently the best way to do something like that is just have everyone own their own island and co-op your friends every time they log on.
  4. NotOkay

    NotOkay Veteran

    It's a block game, there's plenty to do. The people who are bored and "quitting" an island should get over it. However the multiple islands idea is a very interesting thing.. Although I was about to say the same thing as ned, I don't believe the plugin with Skyblock would allow that or make it possible^^^
  5. Exotic

    Exotic New Member

    I used to play on woodycraft-before it was shutdown, from my observations they have pretty much the same plugins we do:mobstacker, silk spawners, and the basic skyblock plugin ofcourse, they have private chests with [lockette] but our sign shops does the same thing.
    Their skyblock plugin allows you to be members on other islands while still owning your own island. I did not have a donor rank but I do know the donors do indeed get more islands.
    I know and I understand that lag is an important thing to avoid, which is why I came up with the "sub islands" they are smaller in size and more limited. So they don't produce much lag.
  6. HaleYaGaming

    HaleYaGaming Experienced

    This is a very cool idea and I am all for it.
  7. Nexxie

    Nexxie Veteran

    I like the idea of sub-islands, but for some people, it'd be too much work to have two islands. Good idea though! :)
  8. As mentioned by @nedthefed, with the current plugin used, this is not possible. @Exotic They most likely had a custom SkyBlock plugin, and making a whole new SkyBlock plugin just for this feature is not worth it.
  9. HaleYaGaming

    HaleYaGaming Experienced

    Still would be cool.
  10. HaleYaGaming

    HaleYaGaming Experienced

    Maybe we should make a custom plugin.
  11. Nexxie

    Nexxie Veteran

    While a custom plugin would be fun, it might take a lot of work. If grandmen had time, he might make one, but they have so much to do right now...
  12. HaleYaGaming

    HaleYaGaming Experienced

    ya I know its a lot of work it just would be very cool!
  13. Grand doesn't make large plugins

    As I said, not worth the resources such as time and money for this feature. A lot of things are cool, doesn't mean they should be done. It would also probably require a Skyblock reset.
  14. Nexxie

    Nexxie Veteran

    Alright. I didn't know if grandmen made the pluging or not.
  15. HaleYaGaming

    HaleYaGaming Experienced

    Sorry if i came off sounding bad I was just suggesting something.
  16. Nexxie

    Nexxie Veteran

    You weren't bad sounding, you were just giving your opinion, and you didn't know, so..
  17. babyplatypus19

    babyplatypus19 Experienced

    But you do :p
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  18. HaleYaGaming

    HaleYaGaming Experienced

    Is there a plugin already made that could be downloaded and used?
  19. NotOkay

    NotOkay Veteran

    There's already a Skyblock plugin. By changing this plugin, all the islands would be fucked I believe.

    But there's probably a plugin that you're thinking of on spigot.

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