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vpn disable

Discussion in 'Network Discussions' started by guid118, Sep 11, 2018.

should vpn kick be disabled

  1. yes i want to join with vpn on

  2. no

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  1. guid118


    why is joining with a vpn on disabled?
    i cant join when in a private network
  2. Myzzelf

    Myzzelf Staff Member Mod ELI

    You should be able to join, what vpn are you using
  3. Grimlkinky

    Grimlkinky Staff Member Admin SAM ISAAC FRAM

    Joining with most vpns is disabled to prevent things like ban evasion using alts. Is there a specific reason you need to be using one to join the server?
  4. guid118


    yes because of i private network i cant connect to the server.
    btw im using touchVPN.
  5. Sarge135

    Sarge135 Staff Member Admin SAM ISAAC BART

    Is there a specific reason as to why you need to use a VPN?
  6. guid118


    yes there is.
    i wanna afk in class but at school they have a private network that prevents u from connecting to gaming servers. but with a vpn u can join and it wil go around the private network.

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