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These Rollbacks took my items away.

Discussion in 'Prison Discussion' started by DinosaursArSexy, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. So I just came back to prison and it's not good at all. These Rollbacks ruin it, like i used my obsidian kit then the roll back happened and I lost it. Then I had 5 sets of redstone donor in my pv and i lost it all. This is making me want to quit considering these rollbacks happen quite often without warning. Not only do people lose there items. Sometimes its duped! This fucking sucks, like whats the point of the rollbacks, its useless in my opinion. Please, can I have my items back cause it really sucks having things you working for get taken away.
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  2. YipHyGamingYT


    Same thing

    It's a story when I sold stuff to kanepw, threw tools on the ground, and stored elytrae and obsidian to chests.

    Then the crash occured.

    I went back online. Tools, armor that was supposed to be sold and elytrae are still in my inventory.

    And then I went to my chests. Was also there.

    Went to /bal. Money also stay at the number after I sold shit to kanepw.

    Went to my pile of trash I threw to the ground. Also there.

    And no, none of those items are ghost items. I could use them perfectly. Of course I didn't abuse it so I threw everything to lava and /clear. I understand this may not be a personalside glitch and may be hard to fix. If Managers could, give my ass a reward for discovering this shit. jk.
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  3. Drakonn


    The roll backs are not deliberate. They happen when a server crashes and we are forced to revert to the latest save of that server.
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  4. LucidMusic


    Well, there's nothing they can do to stop a rollback so you just need to put your big boy pants on and troop on.
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  5. xXAiden91Xx


    He said he lost his stuff IN his pvs so how is keeping stuff in his pvs going to help when that's where he lost them?
  6. Kinnkyy


    lol why you still playing neme loser
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  7. Your_Wh0re


    I think that was new season on this portal/server, not rollback, just reset.
  8. Wolff // Dolor

    Wolff // Dolor

    No, it is actually a roll back of the server.
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  9. Livvles


    If you lost stuff on the roll back please message an Admin+ and they will deal with the situation when they can.
  10. YipHyGamingYT


    no, we accidentally dupe stuff with these rollbacks. That is where these rollbacks are game-breaking and ruining prison.

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