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These noobs

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by EvastrialV1, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. EvastrialV1

    New Member

    These noobs thinking people are new because their rank is "new member" dont asume people are new because of their rank, its probably because i don't post

    *cough* iowe

    give some respect for people
  2. DarkSky

    New Member

    Can you stop with those shit posts? Nobady really cares about you.
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  3. EvastrialV1

    New Member

    "Nobady really cares about you
    " wait who are you again?
    I'm sure of it you're calling me a rando and not including yourself. NOW don't get to conclusions when NOBODY cares about me
  4. Goldonen


    I dont really know you we never talked before but what i know is that the forums are a place for everyone to express themselfs so i dont mind about what you write or even if it is a ''Shit Post'' as said by @DarkSky That will be all for me.

    Have a good day
  5. MustardHotdogs


    You yourself are the rando but you're nice in-game I guess
  6. Anti

    Anti Staff Member Helper

    no im the only rand bgone
  7. EvastrialV1

    New Member

    heh how a guy from neme for 2 years a rando **cough cough** exactly n00b
  8. MustardHotdogs


    Even though this is an off-topic thread can staff lock this @DrPump , as it is just fighting.

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