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The F word, what do you think about it? (Ax3's Opinion)

Discussion in 'Network Discussions' started by Ax3, Dec 31, 2018.

Do you think saying the f word in a none offensive way should be an instant mute?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Nyaan


    Yea but my point they were used against people who were opressed around some point. Bitch eventually lost its meaning because people stopped using it seriously. So really the people using it in a non-offensive was are helping fight homophobia in a weird way
  2. loopey


    Tbf just another word you hear online
  3. ArchStello


    most players are from america where they get triggered over the smallest thing so I'd just say to just ignore the little triggered 12 years olds and just let themselves argue with themselves. ( but if you're like me respond and try to make them say something to get them muted )
  4. TragicallyRaine


    You're all sensitive snowflakes.
  5. razor_fuzz

    razor_fuzz Staff Member Helper

    Right I understand that, but you are not playing with your friends and if you are you probably able to message them on a different chat.
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