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Survival Season 3

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, Feb 27, 2020.

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    Survival will be reset on Saturday, February 29th @ 3PM EST
    Live server will be brought down at 6AM EST on the same day
    Server version: 1.12.2 (1.8 - 1.13.2 supported)
    Data that will not be transferred:

    • Inventories
    • Ender Chests
    • Player Vaults
    • All worlds and builds
    • MCMMO levels
    • In-game currency
    • In-game ranks
    Data that will be transferred:
    • Paid ranks
    • Paid commands
    Packages purchased prior to release will be re-run shortly after
    Anything purchased within 2 weeks of this announcement will be re-run
    This reset for Survival has yet again proven to be a success, and we couldn't be happier with how the server has progressed over time. Going into the next reset, we wanted to expand upon what we've currently got and improve already-existing features which would complement the new features. What's happening next reset? Let's get into it...
    Since the initial release all the way back in 2017, Mob Arena has been there, but it's not changed much in that time. The general wave structure has remained the same, to which that setup had remained the same all the way back to my old network, Noble Craft, dating to about 2014; so a long long time using the same basic setup. This reset, that finally changes. Not only is the arena being changed, we're also introducing more arenas! Starting out, we'll have two arenas for you to fight in -- Nether and Valley.
    Nether is a purely nether-themed arena, containing only mobs you'd find there.
    Waves: 100
    Bosses: 4
    Type: Swarm-based
    While the arena may start out relatively simple, once you start getting near wave 50 and above, don't expect it to be an easy ride.

    Valley is a wide open arena that gives you the freedom to play a variety of ways.
    Waves: 100
    Bosses: 4
    Type: Swarm-based
    This arena will be similar in scope to the original arenas, but with fewer bosses and a wider variety in the enemy types, as well as different styles of engagements to before.
    Introduced to Skyblock just over a year ago, Mob Souls are the best way of obtaining spawners of different kinds. While Skyblock's version contains most mobs, Survival's version won't have quite as many.

    There are two types of souls -- peaceful and corrupt. As you can imagine, peaceful souls are acquired by killing passive mobs, while corrupt souls can be obtained by killing aggressive mobs. The souls are one part of the equation to acquiring new spawners.

    In order to craft a working mob spawner, you must have the following:
    x Souls
    1x Mob Spawner
    1x Life Essence
    Life Essences are obtained through the Mob Coin shop and are combined with a blank spawner (can be obtained from the /spawnershop menu) and the relative souls to craft the final spawner.

    You can access the spawner shop to craft a spawner with /spawnershop, as well we view your souls by doing /souls.

    Alongside this reset comes a plethora of minor changes that aim to improve your overall experience on the server.
    • Added /claimblocks
    • Added melon slices to melon blocks to /blocks
    • Added itemstat credits to the store
    • Added /breathe to the store which allows you to breathe underwater indefinitely
    • Added /rename to the store which allows you to rename your items
    • Added the Ultra crate -- a better version of the Neme crate
    • Changed the icon for the ores shop section to a diamond
    • Fixed a longstanding issue with Archery where the hologram would show in the same location in every world
    • Fixed an issue where blazes wouldn't drop loot when killed in claims
    • Fixed mob loot when stacked
    • Fixed an issue with players being unable to do /sell in claims
    • Removed FarmAssist
    • Removed Swords skill from /redeem menu
    • You can now craft coloured shields
    • You can now specify the colour of your nickname with /nc <colour>
    • You can no longer be damaged by ender crystals outside of the end
    • You can no longer use /back to get back into the PvP arena
    • The main end island has been changed to allow for building only around the towers, and for end crystals to be placed to respawn the dragon
    • Disabled nether portal creation; it'll now tell you where to go to get to the nether
    • Anvils are now infinite at spawn
    • Achievement shop has been moved to our custom system
    • Black Market has been moved to our custom system
    • Crates have been moved to our custom system
    • Emotes have been moved to our new system
    • Item upgrading has been moved to our custom system
    • Mob Coins have been moved to our custom system
    • SellWands have been moved to our custom system
    • All achievements have been given names relevant to their challenge
    • The ShockWave pickaxe has been renamed to the Trench pickaxe
    • All players that purchased tags and tag packs prior to /suffix being added now have access to /suffix
    • Creepers will no longer blow up at /warp zoo
    • Disabled mob AI from mobs that are spawned with a spawner
    • The drop party area has been made larger
    • Moved the claim flags NoLeafDecay and NoFluidFlow from Sapphire to Bedrock
    • Moved the claim flag NoEnter from Sapphire to Sergeant
    Hope to see you all on the server when it resets!
    ~ NemeGaming Management ~
    Discord | Twitter
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    looks fucking sick tbh
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    So anything purchased 2 weeks prior to restart message will be returned?
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    I cannot wait for the reset. I like how spawnershop was added. That'll be helpful!
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