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    Our forums have a variety of ranks, displayed as acronyms, that indicate a staff member works on a specific task to help the network. This post will explain each sub-team within our staff team, and more!

    One of the most important things is to know who to contact if you have questions, or want to get help from a specific team member. To contact a team, you can either message the leader(s) or any member of the team. If you have general questions about the team or the work they do, message a member of that team. If you have a more specific question, feel free to message the team’s leader.

    Now, for the most important part, our teams:


    The SAM team (Staff Applications Monitoring) overviews any staff applications. They read applications, interview potential staff, and more.

    Members: @branny00, @kylerocket11, @ilovealice2000

    Leaders: @nedthefed, @VanessaMoo, @haeee


    The BART (Ban Appeal Review Team) handle reviewing punishment appeals created by players. They also assist players with issues connecting to the network, and anything else related to punishments.

    Members: @NinoTheDino, @Jonny6980, @TheShortPerson

    Leaders: @branny00


    The ELI team (Events Leadership & Insight) is responsible for hosting and helping to create new events for the network. They also work closely with managers and developers to create new events.

    Members: @kylerocket11, @ilovealice2000 @Yho_, @haeee, @NinoTheDino, @Jonny6980

    @VanessaMoo, @branny00, @TheShortPerson


    The ISAAC team (Issues, Suggestions & Advancement Advisory Council), assist in tracking issues, suggestions and the like. ISAAC’s main goal is to ensure issues get resolved in a timely manner and that suggestions get properly considered & implemented.

    Members: @haeee, @wingtale, @Nismo6921, @kylerocket11

    Leader: @NinoTheDino


    The Mentor team, are specifically trained to mentor new staff members that have been added to our staff team. Mentors usually speak to the new staff member via discord to train them. The mentor will teach them about their staff position, carefully instructing and helping them with their new position.

    Members: @TheShortPerson

    Leader: @nedthefed, @haeee
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