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Some suggested features

Discussion in 'Minigames Discussion' started by BloorocksDotD, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. BloorocksDotD


    Right now in my opinion and a few others MineSiege and payload maps are the two least enjoyed gamemodes in the pvp minigames rotation. I have a couple of suggestions that could improve this

    1: Simply add a vote skip option where if more than 50% of the players agree to skip a game it gets skipped

    2: For the payload maps add like, 3 classes each with something special. Spamming pvp in a mob pushing 1 object just isn't fun really.

    3: for minesiege just lowering the points to 150 and the max time to 15 would be a great start because it just goes on and on for far too long

    I'm sure there are some other suggestions that people would like to see implimented, if you agree with mine and/or if you have some of your own leave a comment down below and together we can hopefully improve the experience for everyone :D
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  2. Barking


    The Skip suggestion may be a great idea, and i'm sure Grand will agree with that, that is if he isn't working on something like that already. I think that minesiege is enjoyed by a fair portion of the people that play on minigames, but obviously, the /skip option would solve that. thanks for the ideas :D

    ~Bork Bork
  3. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    Wasn't there also supposed to be a feature where VIPs could choose their team? Yes? Where is that...?

    However I like all of these suggestions, especially the map skipping one. Maybe users could have a daily limit on how many times they can skip? (Like Spotify if you don't have premium) and VIP users could have an unlimited number??
  4. Rasturize

    Rasturize VIP

    /changeteam is the team command.

    And I really like both the gamemodes you pointed out, but @Grandmen123 can give his opinions here :)
  5. Grandmen123


    I could see the /skip option being added tbh, I will discuss this with management, also for the future we have a feature suggestion forum xD
  6. BloorocksDotD


    Whoops my bad, I kinda just clicked on pvpminigames and threw this together in like 5 minutes :p
  7. Wolff // Dolor

    Wolff // Dolor

    very nice ideas, but next time you have a feature suggestion can you post it on the "Feature Suggestion Forum" :D That'd be greatly apprecited, thank you!
  8. babyplatypus19


    This is second time ive seen you do this wolff, you basically just say the same thing a mod said after they have already said it lol.....
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  9. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    doesn't mean you need to keep bugging him about doing so
  10. babyplatypus19


    That's the first and only time I said anything to him about it, the first time I saw I assumed he just did not see the post by the mod, but clearly not.

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