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Skyblock Ultra Updates!

Discussion in 'News' started by Rasturize, May 6, 2019.

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    Hey everyone, lately we've been focused on Survival's newly released map, but we haven't forgotten about Skyblock Ultra! As of this announcement, we've released a large set of updates outlined below. Enjoy!

    We've revamped our crate system to be more modern and eye-catching! Crates are now all contained within a "master" crate, which you can access at spawn as usual or with /crate. With this new system, you can see at-a-glance how many keys you have per crate, along with crate rewards by previewing all crates. Finally, all crates now have new animations based on their rarity! High tier crates have a longer, fancy animation, and more common crates have a faster one.

    Although this change is global, we've added a toggle-able update to McMMO. As you most likely use McMMO actions often, we wanted to move these away from chat and to the action bar (the text field above your health and hunger) to make chat feel less cluttered. You can toggle this on and off with /mmoaction, and you can enable McMMO level progress with /mmoaction progress.

    We've added a cool server cosmetic in the form of particles. Although these are not accessible to players [yet ;)], you can see some cool particles flying around spawn at key areas now! These may cause client lag on some setups, so be sure to change "Particles" in your Video Settings to "Minimal" or "Off" if needed.

    As our first GUI update, we've moved /baltop to a new sleek GUI format. You can still access the old version of baltop if you wish, by using /ebaltop [page].

    Finally, our largest update today is in the form of a completely revamped gambling system. All gambling games are now accessible with /casino. Currently, we have Coin Flips which have been very successful. Due to this, we wanted to add new ways to have fun with your money in the form of gambling against either the server or other players. You can now also see in-depth stats about all gambling games!

    We've added the following games to Skyblock, which can be accessed using /casino:

    Crash is a server vs player game, where you must bet an amount of money to compete. Once you have bet money, the spin will begin, and you must decide when you want to stop it. Starting at 0.50 and maxing out at 5.0, these numbers reflect the amount of money you will gain from Crash. For example, if you bet $1,000 and stop at 2.0, you will earn $2,000. However, Crash will begin to become more and more unstable, and it's more risky to click at a higher number!
    RPS is a player vs player game, where you must outsmart your opponent in a game of rock, paper, scissors. This game is best of 3, winner takes all.
    We've also revamped Coin Flip slightly, with a new GUI and betting system that is easier to use. You can now use /cf <amount> to bet, or through the /casino GUI.
    The classic gambling game, Roulette has been on Survival for some time and is now a GUI style game on Skyblock. Choose either red, green or black, and guess correctly to earn money based on your bet!

    With these gambling games comes some questions of course, as seen with Coin Flips can be large economy changers. The current limitations are now in place on all Casino games:
    - Minimum bet of $5,000
    - Maxiumum bet of $1,000,000 (one million)

    These values can be changed by community request, along with all other Casino settings. Be sure to let us or Insights members know!

    Thanks everyone! We hope you enjoy these new features and the many more we have planned!
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