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September 10th 2018

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    September 10th 2018

    Network Changes

    - Updated the MOTD to reflect Prison reset
    - Fixed Custom Enchants

    Server-Specific Changes

    - Added your EXP balance into the XP Shop GUI
    - Moved "Just Reset!" hologram to be over Prison
    - Reset the server!
    - You can now toggle the permanent night vision (/nv)
    - Reworked /fix - Items marked as "Unfixable" cannot be repaired
    - Added Repair Tokens which can be used if you do not have access to /fix
    - These can be obtained through the XP store and crates
    - Vote Parties now run every 150 votes
    - When a Vote Party is run, a 1 hour 2x global sell booster will activate
    - Created a brand new vote system that will be making its debut on Prison
    - It's now possible to have more than just double votes
    - When voting, it'll state the current vote multiplier in chat
    - Hovering over the prefix will provide information about the event
    - Hovering over the rest of the vote message will tell you how many keys you can receive for voting
    - Clicking the vote message will bring up the vote menu
    - If a vote multiplier is running, it'll mention in /vote
    - Broadcasts are more visible to see when a vote event is running
    - Reduced the required prestige to enter Jackpot from 10 to 5
    - Paid ranks can now sell more items in the player shop:
    - Gold: 10
    - Diamond: 11
    - Emerald: 12
    - Obsidian: 13
    - Redstone: 14
    - Bedrock: 15
    - Sapphire: 20
    - Remade XP Store
    - XP Store will now show if you can or cannot afford items/perks
    - Added a confirmation window when purchasing items/perks from XP Store
    - Repair Tokens can be purchased through the XP Store
    - If you can already do /fix, you cannot purchase or use Repair Tokens
    - Added Money Pouches; Gives you a random amount of money between two amounts
    - Added block breaking tracking to pickaxes
    - Added /blocks; shows your total block breaks for all pickaxes
    - Added separate scoreboard for plot world
    - Neme Crates now show in the crates menu
    - PvP arena and Jackpot mine are no longer part of spawn
    - There is now a one-time warning for /sorry
    - Mine holograms now show the following:
    - Mine name
    - When the mine is resetting
    - How many blocks have been broken in the mine
    - Mines now reset on a timed interval again
    - Added total blocks mined to scoreboard in mine world
    - You can no longer create and disband gangs while muted
    - The message stating you cannot use /kits in Jackpot mine despite being able to do so will no longer show up
    - Added most blocks broken holograms (All time and weekly)
    - When going through the mine portal, you'll now be teleported instantly
    - Drop Parties are now properly fixed and will always drop items
    - Paid ranks have had their maximum plots increased:
    - Gold: 2 -> 4
    - Diamond: 4 -> 6
    - Emerald: 6 -> 8
    - Obsidian: 8 -> 10
    - Redstone: 10 -> 12
    - Bedrock: 12 -> 15
    - Sapphire: 15 -> 20
    - You can claim more total plots at the following prestige:
    - Prestige 50: 2 plots
    - Prestige 100: 3 plots
    - Prestige 200: 4 plots
    - You can interact with all blocks on plots (right clicking etc)
    - You can now click heads on plots
    - The achievement for doing /startover is now fixed
    - Gang chat has been removed
    - From the end of this reset, we'll be rewarding the players with the top kills as well as highest prestige/rank
    - When purchasing Redstone, Bedrock or Sapphire, you'll now receive a warning stating you need to relog to gain access to the new mines
    - Added /convertsponge which allows you to mass convert sponge to BM Apples
    - Minor economic changes to in the market to allow for certain items to be easier to be obtained
    - Potions can now be bought in upgraded or extended forms depending on the potion
    - Armour has been buffed to last longer in fights
    - XPPickaxe1 2 & 3 have been seriously buffed in terms of fortune but break very quickly & cannot be fixed
    - The prices of the sponge, minebombs and MCMMO booster in the XP Store have been significantly reduced
    - The BattleAxe can now be obtained from the Neme Crate
    - Fixed an issue with kill messages that resulted in the weapon and its name not showing in chat
    - Added the anti-loot stealing system from Skyblock
    - When a gang levels up, it can add more members:
    - Level 1: 5
    - Level 2: 6
    - Level 3: 7
    - Level 4: 8
    - Level 5: 10
    - Fixed an issue with kill tracking when a player loses their armour during a fight and the statistic isn't tracked because it thinks you were fighting somebody that never had any armour
    - Added the ability to instantly clear your entire plot with a command (`/clearplot`) or sign (First line should be "[ClearPlot]"). Note: If you do not have fly enable, you will immediately fall. You must be inside of the plot in order to clear it.
    - More sponge and EXP can now be received from the mining rewards
    - It no longer costs money to prestige (Z -> A)
    - Fixed people being able to place blocks around the jackpot mine
    - Renamed the potions in /market
    - Added info about /warp tokens to the tutorial
    - Partly fixed repairing armour
    - Fixed an error in the threats sign at /warp rules
    - Added custom enchant commands to /help (General)
    - Added your current experience to the XP Shop's GUI item
    - Fixed a slight formatting error in mining rewards
    - Fixed PvP regions in Jackpot
    - Added /blocks check <player>. This will allow you to check the total blocks broken of the chosen player
    - Changed the order of trades at the shady dealer so that sponge --> apple is first
    - Nerfed poison debuff time and type in jackpot mine
    - Fixed non-trusted players being able to interact with chests on other's plots

    NOTE: Changes here may not be active until the reboot after they are made.
    As always, expect more changes to be made as the week progresses.
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