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Repost for Rasturize

Discussion in 'OP-Factions Discussion' started by Fang, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Fang

    Fang New Member

    A few nights ago I bought a set of OP Armor, with Soulbound 5. Screwing around in pvp lost one soul bound level. Afterwards was out in wild and got hit with lag and couldn't do anything on my end. Before I got disconnected a random player tagged me in combat, shortly after I was then disconnected. When I rejoined, I did not get my armor back. This isn't the first time iv donated but makes me worry about doing it again. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Rasturize / Connor

    Rasturize / Connor Staff Member Manager

    So if I understand right, you died due to lag on your end?

    If that's the case, we can't really give items back based on lag on your end, only if it's our fault.
  3. Fang

    Fang New Member

    But even if it was lag on my end, that really should not matter either way. The full item set had Soulbound 5, meaning I lost one level, leaving me with 4, then again died due to getting tagged and lagging, which means I would have been left with Soulbound 3. What caused the issue isn't what is in question it is due to the fact that soulbound did not work. I don't mind losing the soulbound level, its the fact that I completely lost the items. That is not my fault, that is a fault of the soulbound. It was not fixed until after I had this issue.
  4. Rasturize / Connor

    Rasturize / Connor Staff Member Manager

  5. Fang

    Fang New Member

    I appreciate it man thanks. Like I said before, the server is great, I play almost daily as long as I have time, I am more than happy to help support it. Good admins and mostly cool people, and fair from what I have seen. Keep it up and thanks again!
  6. Rasturize / Connor

    Rasturize / Connor Staff Member Manager

    :) So glad you enjoy!
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  7. Grandmen123

    Grandmen123 Staff Member Tech

    Hey there,

    If you can provide me with your IGN we can quickly fix this issue for you
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  8. Fang

    Fang New Member

    Hey Grandmen, thank you for your help! My IGN is Fang_311. I appreciate you taking the time to help me with my issue!
  9. Fang

    Fang New Member

    Really wish that people would make their own post rather than spamming mine. Anyways

    Grandmen and Rasturize: I haven't heard anything back, no hassle, just still wondering about my issue being resolved
  10. Jman

    Jman Staff Member Manager

    Well there we go, that's much neater, sorry you had to deal with that. Please keep threads limited to their original topic everyone! I'll have Grand/Connor take a look at this again for you Fang.
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  11. Fang

    Fang New Member

    Hey guys, I hate to beat a dead horse... but I have still had no resolution to my issue, its been about two weeks now. Any feedback would be highly appreciated...

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