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PvP Changes That Need To Happen

Discussion in 'OP Factions Discussion' started by Defts//Nar, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Defts//Nar


    There are many PvP changes on OpFactions that are necessary to bring more players to the community, and I'm sure many people agree. I feel it was appropriate for me to make this post, because I've put hours into a multitude of PvP servers, and know what people like universally across them, and also what they dislike.


    Servers Velocity and Hit-Detection:

    It seems server-wide, that that people take almost no knockback, or take a hell of a lot of knockback. I don't know how this could be changed, however I know many other servers know how to change it. I feel the servers knockback, or velocity, needs to be balanced so it makes comboing other players fair for all of us.

    The next complaint I see server-wide, which is indeed true, is that the server doesn't have the best hit-detection. This issue is mainly experienced by highly-skilled players on the network. If you're at a certain skill level on Neme, it becomes very difficult to combo other skilled players. W-Tapping doesn't do as much on Neme as it should, because of the hit-detection, and in turn, usually makes highly-skilled players trade every single hit in a fight. If this could be changed, it would improve the entire community as a whole.

    Custom Enchants and Regular Enchants:

    Rage: Rage makes a large difference in PvP, and I agree with Rage I costing 200 tokens, however, Rage II and Rage III don't make as much of a difference when upgraded, so I think Rage I should stay at 200 tokens, but upgrading Rage should cost less than the 200 tokens because of the little difference it makes for being such an expensive CE to upgrade.
    Poison: Poison activates too often, and the speed of the poison is way to quick in my opinion. Poison should be nerfed so it only has a slight buff over Poison potions.
    Weakness: This CE has a lot of potential, and I feel it should be buffed in one way or another.
    Confusion: This CE should be removed entirely, as all it does is piss people off.
    Hunger: This CE should not be changed, however, a saturation CE should be added as a counter.
    Decapitate: This CE should not be changed, however, it would be cool to see a helmet CE called something along the lines of "Glory I", that could decrease the chance of getting beheaded.
    Molotov Cocktail: The most fucking annoying CE out there. All it does is burn loot and it should be removed entirely.
    Stormcaller: This CE needs buffed so players actually use it.
    AutoSmelt: Needs a huge buff. Mining iron should give the same fortune as the pickaxe gives for regular ores. For example, fortune 110 should work on iron so you can get a lot of iron from breaking the ores.
    Ramming: Ramming is currently too OP. I've every type of gear get one-hit by ramming before besides OP. That's why I think Ramming should be reduced to a max of Ramming I instead of Ramming V. I'm sad to say this, but this one of the ONLY options to fix this CE.

    Of course, with CE nerfs and buffs to current CEs, some new ones should be added.

    Inquisitive: More XP drops from mobs, excalibur exclusive CE from the shop.
    Glory I: Helmet CE that decreases the chance of you dropping your head.
    Demonic Smite I: Chestplate CE that smites like stormcaller just for visual appeal, but removes all of your negative buffs and keeps your positive ones, and also gives your opponent 3 seconds of blindness. The name originates from Holy Smite V, which did the exact opposite, and removed your opponents positive buffs.
    Curse I: Wither CE for Swords and/or axes. Gives your opponent a wither effect for 2 seconds.
    Haste IV: A CE that comes exclusive to Dwarf armor that obviously makes Mining easier. *Haste does not give ANY PvP advantage*
    LuckyDrops I: Has a chance to drop extra items from mobs. Only one item can be lucky dropped per type of mob so it doesn't clutter hopper systems. (Ex. Skeletons have a chance of dropping 4 diamonds)
    Tank I: Ce that gives you Slowness I when your chest plate breaks, but also gives you resistance 12.
    Shredder I: Sends 3 50% charged arrows from a bow with one bowshot.
    Speed II: Boots CE that gives an infinite Speed 2 effect.
    Jump Boost I: Boots CE that gives an infinite Jump Boost effect.
    Health Boost III: Leggings CE that gives 10 extra hearts.
    Harvester I: Hoe CE that lets you harvest multiple crops at once.
    Explosion I: Dwarf Pick and Dwarf Shovel CE (even though there is no dwarf shovel), that allows you to clear a 4x4x4 block cube per hit with a pickaxe. Would be useful for basebuilding, and finding more ores while mining.

    Changes To Kits and OpItems:
    • Rename kits on the shop to G-Kits, because people are more familiar with that term in factions.
    • Removal of Depth Strider to all armor.
    • Addition of an Aqua kit, similar to the old "feesh" kit. This kit would include a knockback III fishing rod, Depth Strider I Speed II boots, a fish with Sharpness 80 and Knockback I, and an Aqua Affinity Helmet. The sale price in the shop would be $7.50 with the current 80% off sale. All armor would include protection 500, hardened VIII and unbreaking 800.
    • Excalibur upgraded to sharpness 125, but Mjolnir kept at 120 for armor breaking purposes.
    • Addition of Mending I to all armor.
    • Explosion and Haste CEs brought to Dwarf.
    • OP Item added to shop (Hand-Forged Aqua Boots): Depth Strider I, Speed II, Protection 3000, Unbreaking 5000, Hardened X. (Advantages over OpArmor, depth strider if depth strider is removed for other armor, and higher unbreaking.
    • Sharpness and Fire Aspect added to Midas' Axe.
    • Pyro Bow upgraded to an appropriate level of power.
    • DopeMe axe comes with Weakness I and DopeMe Sword comes with Hunger I.
    • Inquisitive I added to Excalibur.
    • Any type of CE that currently can impair player vision should be removed.
    • Green Arrow's bow should be increased to Power 30, the supply crate bow should be nerfed to Power 20, and a BM bow should be added with Power 25, and punch 2 enchantment books should be available at /warp shop.
    TokenItems are currently too difficult to obtain. This could easily be fixed through making it possible to obtain TokenItems from grinding. There should be a /te shop, where you can spend XP levels on tokens. I've spoke with players, and they all believe 50 TokenItems for 100 XP levels, and 10 tokens for 50XP levels, is appropriate for this if it is added. If this is added, this will decrease the amount of players that vote on alts, which is currently very common, and it will also encourage mob grinding, which most players currently do not do. It will also make it so that you can grind out god sets more efficiently. TokenItems would cost a hefty amount of XP because of the 0% destroy rate that is always applied to token enchants.


    Deflect: Deflect McMMo on Neme is currently disabled, however, to balance axe and sword McMMo, deflect McMMo should be enabled. Deflect McMMo is a sword ability that gives you a chance to deflect an opponents damage if you are blocking with your sword.

    Axe McMMo: Armor breaking should be slightly nerfed.

    Bow McMMo: Bow McMMo should be slightly buffed.

    Serrated Strikes and Skull Splitter should be fixed so you cannot damage party members with the area effect damage.


    Pearling into spawn should be fixed ASAP, however, pearling in combat should be enabled for playing agro and escaping PvP.

    Pearling through fence gates should be enabled (Useful if you get PvP trapped).


    Sand traps should be fixed, because currently they are very buggy.

    Watering traps should be considered PvP Glitching.

    PvP Areas:
    Safezones and flat terrain should be added to /warp end and /warp nether areas so it is possible to PvP in the area.

    /warp pvparena should be added back and supply crates should be located there again.

    If you made it this far, and you agree with me, hmu with a +1 Agree, and comment "mur is afk" by any comments you want to make! :)

    Feel free to leave more suggestions down below! :)

    Ya boi,
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  2. Pancakez

    New Member

    +1 I would love to see this implemented into OP Facs because getting tokens is very slow if all you are doing is voting. The only other way to get tokens is custom donating which is a process and takes a good amount of time to do. It would be good if they add more Custom Enchants we can have a balance of CE prices and tokens. Thanks for making this post, I've been wanting to mention this but haven't got around to it.
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  3. loopey


    I like the ideas C; , to add on to that my opinion still stands on fixing unarm as you can still get unarmed with 1000 iron grip. As for enderpearls, I completely agree. To be honest, enderpearls are so annoying, they never work when I try to pearl in combat but they always work for the person I am up against. You might as well enable enderpearls.
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  4. WhiteThornRose


    I don't see much good in bow ce.. Shredder is a 10x weaker version of volley.

    This is what I want.

    Bombardment: crowd damage explosions can disable knock back if you don't want to get in collision because you will fly.

    Paralyzed: giving player 3 second slowness and blindness.

    Pierce: ignores armour protection, can be nerfed to 1-100% armor ignore/damage. Possible end gamer in pvp.

    Machine gun: rapid fire bow shot containing same damage depending how long the tick you amplified. End gaming item.

    Venom: w/o tipped arrows I-V, high possible chance to delay regeneration at III-V. Very good at disfigure running away players due to poison will slow your speed.

    Just please cmon now, nerfed bows and reduced power and removing it's punch from almost all bows. I have to spend time getting hit in the face while trying to bow but then the bow ticking system resets every hit. Why not bring some of these enchants that can benefit bows w/o punch.

    The ding satisfy me more and I want to hear more of it while making people cry for my bow spam. If you want to dodge arrows, count the ticks because zigzagging or ballerina will slow your speed. Don't hope for a miss, it's about counting time and a reaction.
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  5. TheAmazingPeri

    New Member

    One thing with the health boost, we already had this and many players like myself found a way to glitch with it and get over 100 hearts but if staff on here actually did testing it wouldn't have been taken away. But I would love to see these changes
  6. Defts//Nar


    The hearts glitch is no longer possible even if health boost is added.
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  7. Henaliest

    Henaliest Staff Member Helper

    I made a bug report about autosmelt and last resets explosive mining or something months ago, no response yet :(

    Rip the max MJ and OP to Molotov cocktail panda launcher :(

    I grew with the TE paragraph too!
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 8, 2017 ---
    +1 to the unarm idea and all of Venez's essay.

    And someone for fucks sake please tell pigeonman that unarmed 1k is maxed. Before I went away he was on 16k..
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 8, 2017 ---
    Bow CEs I fell will be almost solely appreciated by you, no offence meant. I feel the bulk of players would prefer armour and weapon CE updates to be pushed out ahead of this, and plus, what's the fun in trying to quickie someone with bowspam assisted with crippling CEs?
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 8, 2017 ---
    Feels the same for me, apart from when I'm running from your 3v2 where ur BF and his old male fuckbuddy tried me :)

    Not throw shade kinda gassed tbh
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 8, 2017 ---
    Ignoring armour also proves to be an issue. Being able to spam someone with a bow and by pure luck win a fight shouldn't be something incorporated into neme. Ramming I hoped gave everyone an overdose of stupid damage.
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 8, 2017 ---
    He's summed it up in some pretty good ways too! I think many members of the community think similar things but haven't got around to writing this. @Rasturize @nedthefed please give this the attention it deserves!
  8. Trip


    holy uncle of post farms.....
  9. Henaliest

    Henaliest Staff Member Helper

    They are all merged so it counts as one? Anyway that wasn't my target, and when I thought of something new it was easier to press reply rather than wait for the edit menu as I'm in Tenerife with some really bad wifi.
  10. ToastedNuggets

    ToastedNuggets Staff Member Half Moderator

    Wow, I don't pvp but this could be annoying. Sorry I assume staff are working on the issue. Try and have some patience they are quite busy these days. :)
  11. Henaliest

    Henaliest Staff Member Helper

    2 more recently promoted admins we can be tagging to request things. Congrats to them both btw!
  12. WhiteThornRose


    Well I 2 shot people(w/o gap) and 4 shot people with golden apple if stuck while I take no damage then I will do half bar of health per dmg. Just saying, the bows in this reset are downhill and literally not much protection and help providing bow to do dmg. I can still 1 shot people with my fancy crowd control hits. Better off not using weapons then dying instantly from my area radius.
    Witness: The_Grind and _lightningthief_ because I 1 hitted them accidently.
  13. Henaliest

    Henaliest Staff Member Helper

    mate please translate into fucking english then i'll trawl through your grammar..
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  14. WhiteThornRose


    You're probably stuck at English 1 CP and thought you know how to read. "Mate" you haven't finished school yet and you cannot understand w/o (shortened slang words). Might aswell say you're still having trouble with the alphabets.

    Here's some teaching for you.

    A : Apple
    B: Bee
    C: cat (pussy)
    D: deranged (that's you)
    E: Ego (selfless)
    F: failure (idk your life, flunked?)

    I hope you learned parts of the alphabets!
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  15. TheAmazingPeri

    New Member

    I can understand his "Quote" just fine. Maybe its because you're a pomi and have different views and understanding of normal people? Like @WhiteThornRose said "
    Here's some teaching for you.

    A : Apple
    B: Bee
    C: cat (pussy)
    D: deranged (that's you)
    E: Ego (selfless)
    F: failure (idk your life, flunked?)

    I hope you learned parts of the alphabets!"
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 10, 2017 ---
    I like to think of myself as ex-toxic, and have matured a lot since I was 13" Also its nice to be a fucking hypocrite ;) and you're still 10 because if anyone heard your voice they'd instantly know you are 10 so fuck off and leave neme legit no one likes you.
  16. Henaliest

    Henaliest Staff Member Helper

    Hmm yeah. I don't even know what CP is, not all of us live in america, one of the reasons i don't know all their slang.
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 10, 2017 ---
    I've asked him dozens of times to speak more clearly. I'll also pass on your offer to leave neme.
  17. Defts//Nar


    All this guy does is harass Henaliest on the forums... Is there anyway to make him stop? @Rasturize @nedthefed
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  18. SollertisKhan


    i disagree
  19. TheAmazingPeri

    New Member

    @Defts//Nar I mean when he spams caps at me and breaks multiple rules in-game, staff does nothing about it even when I show proof, and we don't need a shitty ex-mod to defend someone who can obviously do it themselves.
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  20. ToastedNuggets

    ToastedNuggets Staff Member Half Moderator

    Please do. This is what makes forums a toxic place at times.

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