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Official Punishment System

Discussion in 'Official Information' started by NobleProductions, Jan 19, 2019.

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    NemeGaming has a custom punishment system that's tailored specifically to our network. Depending on the kind of rule you're breaking, you'll be punished for a specific rule number and letter. These rules can be viewed here.

    Some rules will only result in a mute, whereas others may result in a ban. However, a major point to note is that staff do not choose whether to mute or ban you. This is where our custom system comes into play.

    Depending on the rule, if you receive multiple punishments of the same rule and letter, it'll stack. When a punishment stacks, it increases the severity which results in a longer or worse punishment, such as an increased mute length, or a ban rather than a mute.

    Example: A rule 1 hacking punishment will yield a 7-day temporary ban. If you receive another rule 1 punishment after this, you'll be permanently banned.

    You are able to appeal a punishment, regardless of whether it has passed or not. We are less likely to remove an older punishment as the reason and evidence may not necessarily match the current ruleset. Punishments that are appealed are no longer treated as active, even if they've expired. This means that the punishment is no longer used to stack if you are punished again for it in the future.

    Example: You receive a rule 1 hacking punishment and are banned for 7 days. You appeal this punishment and have it removed. While it is not removed from your record, it'll no longer be used against you by the punishment system to determine your punishment length. Rather than receiving a permanent ban, you'll again receive a 7-day ban.

    As mentioned in the above example, your appealed punishments do not disappear from your account, but they are not used by our punishment system to determine your punishment length. However, this does not mean they will not be used against you in the event a member of staff requests a punishment against you.

    You may appeal a punishment here.
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