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Prison has now reset!

Discussion in 'News' started by Rasturize, May 9, 2018.

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  1. Rasturize

    Rasturize Staff Member Upper Manager BART ELI SAM

    Hey everyone,

    One of the oldest and most OG servers on Neme will be resetting, to kick off the start of summer. Months of grinding out prestiges and working for the elusive top ranks is now coming to a close.

    That’s right, Prison will be resetting this Saturday the 12th between 10:00AM EST and 12:00PM EST.

    Upon reset, the following will not be transferred:
    - Inventories
    - Ender Chests
    - Player Vaults
    - All worlds and builds
    - McMMO levels
    - In-game currency
    - In-game ranks

    As usual, the following will be transferred:
    - Paid donor ranks
    - Paid donor commands
    Note: if you have any issues with purchases please make a Purchase Support Ticket.

    Main Updates

    Custom Enchants
    Along with the following new custom enchants, the CE system has been changed and given a nice update, it now works the same as Skyblock, where you can get a random enchantment for a certain amount of experience, using the /ce command.

    Along with these enchants, there are many more being added for all aspects of the server. These will be listed once the server has reset.
    A mining enchantment that will increase the mining size of your pickaxe, up to a 5x5 radius!
    This enchantment breaks blocks in a straight line (like a laser!) in an amount of blocks based on it’s level.
    As experience is now very useful, this enchantment will increase your experience gained per block mined.
    This enchantment has a small percent chance (based on level) to completely clear an entire floor (Y level) of a mine.

    Experience Store
    Experience levels are now an important currency for not just CEs, but also the XP Store, which you can access with /xps. You can use your experience levels to purchase all kinds of items from this store.

    Mining and Prison changes
    For a long time, Prison’s core system of prestiging, unlocking new mines, etc, has been basically the same. We’ve now simplified this system a lot, where instead of advancing all mines by level (such as A1, A2, A3, etc), all level mines but Z stay the same. Instead, prestiging increases your sell price, so instead of a confusing mine system, you now gain the same rewards without that confusion. Donor mines will be staying the same. Please note: with these changes, working your way through the ranks will be a lot more difficult, and take more time, for even greater competition.

    New rank!
    As with Creative’s reset earlier this month, Prison will also receive the Sapphire rank. This rank has many cool features that improve it from Bedrock, such as a new kit, a private mine for Sapphire donors, access to one drop party per month, along with lots of cool cosmetic perks like new emotes.

    These grenade-like items can be thrown in mines to explode tons of blocks at a time. Just like mining, these blocks will automatically go into your inventory so there’s no need to collect them manually. You can obtain these items in the following ways: Voting, opening Vote crates, buying them from the XP Store, or donations. Each of these will give you a different type of MineBomb, that all have specific levels of damage.

    Other Updates
    • Completely redesigned scoreboard
    • Brand new builds for all aspects of the server
    • /pvpstats command
    • Higher view distance
    • PvP-based McMMO skills have been nerfed
    • Airdrops have been replaced with Crates
    • Night vision is now given to all players for free
    • Extra kits for new players: Pickaxe, PvP
    • Improved voting rewards: minebombs, boosters, and more
    • The actionbar (above your health) now shows super useful information
    • Drop parties system from Skyblock
    • Donor cooldowns for /feed and /heal have been reduced

    In addition, we're now offering Buycraft Rewards to the three top players on /ranktop at the end of this reset! The rewards are as followed:
    #1: $100 Gift Card
    #2: $50 Gift Card
    #3: $25 Gift Card

    We hope everyone enjoys these new features, and can't wait to see the competition brought on this reset.

    Thanks for reading,
    ~ The NemeGaming Staff Team
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  2. TheShortPerson

    TheShortPerson Staff Member Sr. Mod BART ELI

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  3. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC BART ELI SAM

    This reset looks great! Good work and cannot wait to play it and grind xD Also cannot wait for all the new features
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  4. Badman_Willis


    cannot wait to lose all my free time grinding this :)
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  5. loopey


    Hyped!! A lot of hard work has been/is being put into this, a major thank you to the management team for making all of this possible.
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  6. ToastedNuggets


    YAS MAN! Grind time ;)
  7. kanepw


    Sounds interesting, let's see how it plays out.
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  8. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    not sure how i’m gonna get the new rank lol
  9. KaiBowman


    Oh come on. Im so close to p100 also if I'm bd will I get sapphire rank? Also how much it cost
  10. Grace_Leece


    Its good that servers like prison and creative are getting reset hopefully drugwars is soon even though I don't play drug wars other people like it
  11. Myzzelf

    Myzzelf Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC ELI SAM

    Noive, I started playing neme with some prison, i might try to build the plot I built back then ;o
  12. Talcs

    Talcs Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC BART

    You'll have to buy the Sapphire rank.
  13. sebastian


    im in this season prison
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  14. KaiBowman


    Has not happened yet. and was supposed to happen 5 hours ago :/ And also why am i still counted as a new member............. XD had an acc since last year.
  15. YipHyGamingYT


    Pretty sure "New" refers to the amount of posts and comments you did on the forums, not your forum age.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 13, 2018 ---
    Sapphire rank still not on store.
  16. loopey


    It will be released on Sunday
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  17. Superdumpling


    Can you use a afk fish farm on the server? pls respond
  18. loopey


    Yes they are allowed.
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  19. Superdumpling


    Thank you very much :D
    Just building one for mending books
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