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Player warp tutorial

Discussion in 'Survival Discussion' started by branny00, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. branny00

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    Hey guys as you may or may not have seen this reset brought a new amazing feature called player warps, this system uses /warp however is different to your normal /warp system. You can check the list of server and player warps by doing /warp list

    Creating/deleting a warp
    You can create a warp by doing /setwarp (warp name)
    You can delete a warp by doing /delwarp (warp name)

    Setting a warp to a certain type
    You may set your warp to be in a certain category:

    The different categories are: Farm, Fun, Mob, Parkour, Shop, Town and other.
    You can set the warp by doing /warp type (warp name)


    You can check the members that are a part of a warp by doing /warp members (warp name)
    You can add members to your warp by doing /warp add (Player name) (warp name)
    You can remove members from your warp by /warp remove (player name) (warp name)

    Banning and unbanning players from a warp

    You can ban and unban players from your warp which will stop them from being able to warp to your player warp however it cannot stop them from visiting your claim.

    You can ban players from your warp by doing /warp ban (player name) (warp name)
    You can unban players from your warp by doing /warp unban (player name) (warp name)
    You can check the banned players in your warp by doing /warp banned (warp name)

    Privating / making a warp public / adding a password

    You can make your warp private by doing /warp private (warp name) This will make it so no one will be able to access your warp other than you.
    You can make your warp public again by doing /warp active (Warp name)
    You can add a password to your warp by doing /warp password (warp name) (password)

    Renaming / moving a warp
    Doing either of these costs 10k a time

    You can rename a warp by doing /warp rename (warp name) (new warp name)
    You can move a warp to your current location by doing /warp move (warp name)

    Checking who has been to a warp
    You can check the players who have visited a warp by doing /warp uniques (warp name)

    If you would like to see the information on a warp do /warp info (warp name)
    This will show the following information: Name of warp, owner of the warp, location of the warp, type of warp, when the warp was created, amount of time the warp has been used, if the warp is private, if the warp is active, if you need a password for the warp
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    Shout out to Branny for this!
  3. KitNiec


    Is there a way to change the description of the warp?
  4. NobleProductions

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    This'll be coming in the next update.

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