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Player Spoofing? (2.0)

Discussion in 'Network Discussions' started by Fastened, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Fastened

    New Member

    So, as some of you guys might've seen, around a month ago it feels like I made a thread about possible player spoofing on NemeGaming. I said I could be incorrect, and that something could just be off. On the thread, Gaurav responded clearing the air.

    Alright guys, so lately I've been incredibly proud of Neme's recent growth. At the peak everyday there's over 600 players; which is awesome! However- when I logged in today I decided to add up all of the current online players.

    Currently, there is 591 players online.

    OP-Facs: 49
    Practive: 0
    Creative: 20
    OP-Prison: 53
    Survival: 145
    Skyblock: 160
    DrugWars: 29
    PvP MiniGames: 25
    Kits: 14
    Lobby1: 7
    Lobby2: 8
    Lobby3: 2

    Which in total is just 483 players.

    So, there's just 108 missing players? Are there 108 players just on some hidden server? Hidden lobbies? Who knows. According to my math, it would mean that to every 9 players online, there's 2 "spoofed" players. I certainly still think Neme has grown, and that's great! However, it disappoints me that there happens to be player spoofs. I could be missing a server or something, so please prove me wrong if I am, but this just looks sad.

    Yesterday, the Mojang session server outage caused some internal issues with one of our plugins (redisbungee); anyone who's run a network before can vouch that this plugin causes countless issues with playercounts. We rebooted our proxies last night to fix these issues, and they should be resolved now.

    While Faris and others are right, most networks of our size do spoof players, we've always been vehemently opposed to it. Player spoofing causes a lot of damage to server communities and creates false expectations for players, and really fucks up the trust between players and staff. We used to do it (over a year ago), but have since realized the above and stopped doing it.

    Right now, /glist is showing 300 players online, and I just went around and added up all the playercounts and got 292 -- which can be chalked up to people logging out/switching servers, small math errors that I cba to check for, etc.
    Today I was feeling curious, and decided to see if I'd have the same results.

    Total online (as said on server list): 448, which is awesome! However, if you go left to right based on the "mob layout" in the hub you get this.
    OP-Factions: 22
    PracticePvP: 2
    Creative: 17
    OP-Prison: 25
    Survival: 92
    Skyblock: 120
    DrugWars: 22
    MiniGames: 20
    Kit-PvP: 18
    Lobby 1: 7 (including myself)
    Lobby 2: 9 (not including myself)
    Lobby 3: 0 (not including myself)
    Which in total is only 354 players.

    The last time I did this thread, there was 79 "spoofed players". This time around, there's 94. Once again, correct me if my math is wrong, but something is very fishy.
  2. Henaliest

    Henaliest Staff Member Helper

    I think almost a 100 player void is not within any room for error, but i hope neme does not spoof. Hit us with an explanation, @Gaurav1234
  3. LexieLeigh

    New Member

    I don't see why you'd make a second post about this. It honestly really doesn't matter. Many servers do it. I'm not sure that this server would though.
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  4. DMW


    You aren't wrong and if those numbers are right it is fishy but I honestly couldn't see Gaur/Noble spoofing players...
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  5. WhiteThornRose


    It could be npcs/AI but I don't think neme has custom npcs. It could be possible but I might be wrong. Npcs could add up players according to my opinion.
  6. Kinnkyy


  7. SollertisKhan


    good. who cares if they spoof, is it rlly hurting u?
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  8. ToastedNuggets

    ToastedNuggets Staff Member Half Moderator

    I don't think Neme is player spoofing. Here are a few reasons why:

    1. I have asked mods about this before and they all say there are bot sweeps to remove player bots if there are to many on one ip.

    2. How successful the neme shop has been. All the time we see "(name) has just bought (item) and took advantage of our 75% sale" or something like that.

    3. On skyblock many players do afk mine and I do as well. Often I see the same old people talking in chat and some names on "tab" that I have never seen. On my alts I don't go talking in chat so that may make it look like players are botted, but not everyone starts talking in the main chat with there alts.
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  9. Henaliest

    Henaliest Staff Member Helper


    Clearly someone who have absolutely 0 fucking idea about how these things work, I'm getting damn mean now because you try to justify your incompetence network wide; over the forums, in game, etc, but your stupidity is unrivalled by all.

    Just remember folks, NPC's could make up part of the playercount!!!!!!!!11!11
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  10. Kinnkyy


    He said "according to my opinion." Which means that this is how he thinks. Get your salt out of here and you do you.
  11. Gaurav1234

    Gaurav1234 Staff Member Owner

    I have a lot to do today but I'll look into this later, playercounts probably just got desynced again
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  12. WhiteThornRose


    He's still triggered when I rekt him in opfac.
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  13. Henaliest

    Henaliest Staff Member Helper

    Hmm. I'm triggered about the 3 times you were killed? Never have you killed me, ever.
  14. WhiteThornRose


    R u sure??? Looool
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  15. Fastened

    New Member

    Any updates?
  16. Kinnkyy


    Dude, does it really affect you? Just don't play if it affects you that badly
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 16, 2017 ---
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  17. Fastened

    New Member

    It doesn't affect me specifically, it affects the community as a whole. Garauv has even said so himself. If you don't see how it can affect the community you are very close minded.
  18. Gaurav1234

    Gaurav1234 Staff Member Owner

    Just looked at it this morning and it looks like everything's fine. Maybe it fixed itself over the last couple of days?
  19. NotOkay


    :thinking: :thonking:

    who honestly cares at this point??

    should get your info from [Advertising] <3
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  20. Kinnkyy


    It doesn't matter. Honestly, Neme is dying right now. It would be better if they player spoofed as it helps them advertise as of now.

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