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Planned Maintenance [Complete]

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, May 5, 2019.

  1. NobleProductions

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    Update: Maintenance is now complete, and the network is back online.

    Hey everyone,

    This is a quick post to inform you that we will be performing some maintenance on the network today, Monday, May 6th at 10am BST / 5am EDT. This will, of course, require us to bring down the network for a period of time in order to make the necessary changes we need to make.

    The maintenance should last anywhere between 1-2 hours, but in the event of something going wrong in that time, it could be longer.

    We'll be doing the following:

    • Adding support for 1.14 (this will not include any 1.14 features, just the client being able to join)
    • Updating our frontend proxy software
    • Moving to a new frontend provider (this should fix the kicking issue a lot of you have reported to us)
    • Performing database maintenance to ensure future stability
    While this is going on, there may be some intermittent issues with services not inherently involved in the maintenance such as the website, but this should be fully resolved by the time the maintenance is complete.

    This post will be updated with any updates we may have, and once the maintenance is completed.

    Thank you all for reading, and we’ll see you when the server returns.
    ~ NemeGaming Management ~
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  2. ImDerpiee


    Nice! Im glad we're seeing a fix for the frequent kicking. I know I can speak on behalf of everyone when I say this is a huge relief. Thanks <3

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