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Opportunity for changes

Discussion in 'KitPvP Discussion' started by Grimlkin, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. Grimlkin


    This was posted in discord several months ago but few people saw it or actually did anything with it so I'm reposting it here:

    After seeing a lot of complaints over the months about KitPvP, I'd like to offer a chance for the community to be almost directly in control over the path it takes by having the community submit their suggested kit layouts, and then them being voted on, whichever has the most votes gets implemented. So on a 14 day schedule:
    Current kits are released in the form of a spreadsheet (including instructions on how to copy the sheet, and how to edit it), you have 7 days to play with it before making any future submissions are made
    Submissions are opened for the next batch of suggestions, you start DMing me links to your spreadsheet
    A list of all submissions are posted in a #polls-like channel for voting to begin
    Voting ends, days 13 & 14 are used to implement all the changes requested
    This would be a repeating cycle that every 2 weeks (first week monday to second week friday) starts over, new kits are chosen, played with, and then voted for. For many KitPvP resets we have spent numerous hours changing things to what people want to see, then being told that the changes were dumb, we shouldn't have listened to X, listen to Y instead. This has made it difficult to work on KitPvP as no amount of hours ever lead to a happy ending. This however I think should cut through that, where the community gets to decide what they want through their vote, and if the kits end up not working well they will learn from it, and choose better next time. I don't have any expectations for this in terms of bringing in a higher player count or more income, but I do think it is the best steps to be made for the people who still want to see something done for KitPvP.

    Spreadsheet link:
    To get this document, open the link, click "File" in the top left of the screen. From there, select "Make a copy", save it to your Google drive. When you've finished editing this document, at the top right of the screen is a "Share" button in green. Open that, share it to [email protected], then send the link to me on discord (grim xo#1111) alongside your IGN.

    You should edit the "Your Layout" section of the document (Specifically Only edit the light gray cells, not the dark gray ones), and you can go to the "Stats sheet" page to view the effect your changes have had. Armour is inputted by having the type, if you want protection on that piece add a space & P, then the protection number. So, "Chainmail" or "Diamond P2" are working examples. You can only choose from Leather, Gold, Chainmail, Iron & Diamond The weapon can be any item, like a blaze rod. If you choose a weapon, Wood, Gold, Stone, Iron, Diamond are valid materials & Spade, Pickaxe, Axe & Sword are valid tool types.

    If you want no sharpness, either input a 0 or leave it blank, otherwise leave the actual number for sharpness (so 3 for Sharpness 3). Bows are different, if you want no bow leave the power slot empty. If you want a bow with no power, enter a 0, & otherwise just the power value you want to have on that bow. Arrows & Apples just leave a number of arrows & apples you want in that kit, these should increase as you rankup the kit (So Archer 1 could have 12 arrows, Archer 2 should have more than 12 arrows). EXTRA is simply for you to leave any additional notes on what you want added, for instance drinkable potions, throwable potions, constant potion effects, other enchants (like fireaspect, thorns etc.). Just leave a note there, it has to be manually entered anyway so it doesn't matter how you format is as long as others can understand what you want.

    Thanks for reading, I look forward to your submissions!
  2. cooldemigod


    Maybe this should be posted on the Home page too just so more people see, and pin this message to the kit pvp channel in the discord?
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  3. Nyaan


    Time for you to get a spreadsheet that says "REVERT" in big bold text.

    But yeah I think I'll take the time to actually put the old kit layouts in there too, I want to be able to play neme again and I can't bring myself to play Skyblock or Survival.

    Glad the community is being listened to on Factions and Kit PvP!
  4. Kewih


    Let us say, new players want a kitpvp but haven't played it yet. No one is online for them to see how things are balanced or not and old players haven't played in a while so we don't remember this reset besides, "dead". I would suggests actually resetting kitpvp and then sharing this document to the community so we can get a feel for the game. If players do see that our game has reset it will get more players for more feedback. But that might just be me, if you change the kits to what people suggest before a reset starts or in a dead reset you are not gonna see any balancing with the kits even if people thought it was or it was voted upon.
  5. cooldemigod


    I don't think it should necessarily be a "reset" but maybe once more kits are added it can be advertised on the server as an update or revamp, just to get more advertising to it.
  6. Grimlkin


    I would like to say that so far exactly one person has sent me something for this. If I don't receive other submissions nothing will happen.
  7. rjnugs


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