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OP Factions Reset!

Discussion in 'News' started by Grandmen123, Jan 7, 2017.

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    Hey everyone,

    It's been a while in the making, and has also been quite a while since OP Factions has had some love. So for the last few weeks, we've been working hard to bring you the newest and best iteration of OP Factions we possibly could, and as of today, OP Factions has been officially reset! You can view full reset details here, but I'll outline some of the other changes and go a little more in-depth on them!


    As is customary to these types of resets, the following features have been reset this time around:

    • MCMMO
    • Spawn
    • Overworld
    • Nether
    • End
    • Inventories & Ender Chests
    • Player Vaults
    • Factions
    • Player Balances
    As always, player and donor ranks have NOT been reset, and you needn't claim your rank back as you will have it upon logging in!

    PvP Arena


    Alongside the new spawn, we have had a brand new PvP arena built with the sole purpose being that it is of simplistic origin, to avoid players running into issues with as tall grass and other types of blocks getting in the way of combat. The arena has multiple ways to enter into the arena from all sides, and also stops players from inexplicibly safe-zoning. You can visit the PvP arena safely by doing /warp PvPArena.

    Custom Terrain


    On top of the overworld already having custom terrain, the nether has also received this special treatment! Featuring a lot more variety in how the world is generated, this nether contains no roof, and does not contain vast bodies of lava that are an annoyance to pass through. It also has various types of netherrack mountains mixed in with brown stained clay. The overworld has been slightly altered to not allow huge bodies of oceans to take up large amounts of the world, instead it is a lot more conservative.

    Custom Enchants

    With this iteration of OP Factions, we opted to switch out the plugin we used to handle custom enchantments in favour of a vastly superior framework that has a broader amount of enchantment types and variety in what we can actually do with them. These enchantments range from small boosts such as the More Hearts enchantment, all the way to having bow become molotov cocktails! Want to see what custom enchantments we have and how to get them? Go here!

    Rank Buffs

    As an added bonus with this reset, we have massively buffed all donor and playtime ranks to have many more perks than before. In fact, we have more than doubled the amount of perks donor ranks get, totalling over 200+ perks combined! All perks can be viewed here.


    Another new addition to OP Factions that we introduced to both Skyblock and OP Prison are Emotes! As always, you can view what emotes are available at /emote, and are available with all donor ranks!


    Airdrops? But what about Crates?


    Lastly, as a lot of you may have seen, particularly those of you who play Skyblock is that we have introduced airdrops to OP Factions to completely replace our crate system! The advantage to this is that you can call these airdrops in almost anywhere, and they cannot be stolen. Want to read more about the airdrops? Click here!

    We hope you enjoy the server, it's been a pleasure working on making it as best as we can. Don't forget if you have any suggestions or feedback, head over to our forums here!

    ~ The NemeGaming Staff Team
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