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Official OP Factions Regulations

Discussion in 'Official Information' started by Rasturize, Oct 13, 2018.

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    Hey everyone,

    Our OP Factions server (and factions in general) can be a complex server to handle, and we want to ensure the best experience for all players. In this document, we’ll outline the rules that all factions and players must follow in order to play fairly on OP Factions. Failure to abide by any of the following regulations will result in a punishment (strike) for either the player who has violated them or the entire faction.

    Strikes are decided on a case-by-case basis, and we will do our best to give players second chances and warnings where possible. Admins and above dictate whether a strike is to be given or not.

    ** These regulations can be changed at any time, and updates will be displayed in a changelog at the top of this post **

    Faction Strikes

    Upon breaking any of the following regulations, a strike will be placed on the offending faction. A strike given to a single player will result in a punishment for that player, a strike to an entire faction will result in action taken against all members of the faction. A faction strike is given if 3 or more members of a faction break a rule.

    Strike #1: Warning for offending faction.
    Strike #2: Offending members will be banned.
    Strike #3: Offending faction will be disqualified from F-Top rewards.
    Strike #4: Offending faction will be disbanded.

    General Regulations

    The following rules are general rules to be followed by all factions at all times.

    1. “Alt” factions are strictly not allowed and will be disbanded without notice.
    2. Assisting other factions in F-Top value is not allowed.
    3. Automated forms of raid defense or detection are not allowed. Wall checking and redstone checking walls are allowed.
    4. Factions worth for F-Top is calculated inside of one base, it cannot be spread out between bases. (Only active during final week of the season).
    5. Glitching of any kind (raiding, PvP, defenses, etc) is not allowed. Glitching can be defined as any kind of server exploit or un-intended use/abuse of a server feature. This includes commands, items, and minecraft exploits.
    Cannoning Regulations

    Although almost any cannons are allowed on OP Factions, the following rules apply to any cannon created. A cannon is defined as a redstone machine that is used to propel TNT towards a target.

    1. Cannons can not shoot through more than 1 wall at once.
    2. Automatic cannons are completely disabled.
    3. “Left Shooters” are completely disabled.
    4. “Reverse Nuke” cannons are not allowed. These are defined as cannons that destroy a wall from Y0 to Y255 in a single shot.
    5. Cannons that generate excessive lag or are used purely to create lag are not allowed.
    6. “AC130” or roof cannons are completely disabled.
    7. Any attempts to bypass any disabled cannon types are not allowed.
    8. Regardless of the amount of factions conducting a raid, only one cannon is allowed at a time per raid.
    Insiding Regulations

    “Insiding” is the process of directly or indirectly affecting a faction’s worth, ability to play, or faction itself (members, balance, etc). The exact definition of insiding is not exact, but server staff will determine whether or not a player’s actions are considered as such. Below are some of the general areas that fall under insiding:

    1. Kicking members of a faction.
    2. Taking the entire balance of a faction.
    3. Teleporting enemy players or non-faction members into faction claimed land.
    4. Destroying physical areas of the faction (spawners, walls, chests).
    5. Unclaiming land to allow enemy or non-faction player access.
    • This list is only a few examples, and insiding is at the judgment of admins and above.
    • If any of these stated or unstated definitions of insiding are broken, these rules may be disregarded if the member was given explicit written permission from the faction leader (proof must be provided if asked for by staff).
    Any examples of insiding that are determined valid by server staff will be reverted, and any damages will be un-done, along with the insiding player punished.

    Claiming Regulations & Limits

    Claiming rules are very simple and are in place purely to avoid land being unavailable when it should be. Please bear in mind the following:

    1. "B-Claims" are defined as claims that prevent a faction from completing their base defenses and or creating walls. If the claim is outside of the base and buffer claims then it is not considered a "B-Claim".
    2. “Raid Claims” are defined as claims that are used while raiding another faction. These are usually created to protect an attacker’s cannon. These claims may be no larger than 10x10.
    3. The “Buffer Limit” is defined as claims extending past a faction’s final wall of their base, and are used to create a buffer layer between their walls and any attackers. These claims may be no more than 20 chunks from the furthest (last) wall of a faction’s base.
    4. A faction may only claim a single corner of the map. This applies to all worlds, so for example if a faction has a claim in the corner of the Overworld, they may not claim a corner of the Overworld, Nether or End.
    5. Major faction bases must be at least 20 chunks away from each other, to allow for defense and expansion.
    6. Faction walls cannot extend past 20 chunks in size.
    Defense Regulations

    The following rules are only active during a raid. These rules are put in place either when a faction is defending from a raid, or the actual construction of their defenses.

    During Defense:
    • Genbucket use is not allowed.
    • Use of Schematica and Printer is not allowed.
    • Faction tool/wand use is not allowed.
    Defense Construction:
    • Regen walls are not allowed.
    • “Gap” bases with large areas of claimed empty space are not allowed.
    • A maximum of 2 cobwebs per Y level is enforced (automatic).

    We hope these regulations help all factions players and leaders to have the best possible experience! If you have questions or changes/additions to this post, feel free to message me on the forums or (preferred) Discord.
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