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October 8th 2018

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    October 8th 2018

    Network Changes

    - Fixed /drops GUI
    - Fixed an error in Factions Keys
    - Updated layout of titles for bug reports

    Server-Specific Changes

    - Moved the "Just Reset!" hologram to OP Factions
    OP Factions
    - Set up /market
    - Fixed a typo on one of the signs at spawn
    - Made /f list more condensed, should all fit on one line
    - Fixed harvester items missing fortune
    - Added /hopper, a GUI shop to purchase all hopper types
    - Fixed invalid CEs and added new CEs: Thor, Sight, InstaBreak, Bastion, Dwarf
    - Fixed missing values for Hardened auto-enchant (fixing armor durability issues)
    - Disabled fall damage entirely
    - Fixed voting not giving keys
    - Increased mob stacking limit to 500
    - Updated /sotw to show date instead of time until
    - Increased power-per-minute to 0.4 (from 0.2)
    - Updated Neme Crates
    - Fixed issues with voidchests
    - Added timezone information to KoTH schedule
    - McMMO rewards from the Neme Crate now automatically add to your /redeem balance
    - Changed hoppers when hidden in /fps to stone instead of air to prevent glitching issues
    - Blocked /home and /sethome in warp outpost
    - Removed power information from /f list
    - Fixed command usage cooldown issues
    - Added all crop types to CropHopper collection
    - Added steak to starter kit
    - Disabled non-vanilla mobs spawning from spawners (pigmen riding chickens, etc)
    - F Top chat updates now only announce the top 5 factions, instead of top 10
    - /f top command format is now much prettier
    - Greatly sped up hoppers
    - Fixed an issue with rank redeem where if you were Sapphire, you'd receive a full inventory of keys rather than just 2
    - Items now stack in the same way as mobs
    - Increased void chest sell rate to every 2 seconds (from 30)
    - Disabled EXP fly and withdraw temporarily
    - Updated /borders info
    - Disabled creeper explosions
    - Fixed players being able to use trapdoors, doors, chests, etc, in spawn
    - Fixed 1.7 compatibility issues
    - Fixed an issue where all passive mobs would not spawn in the overworld
    - Fixed combat tags not being active
    - Removed legacy items from SapphireExtras kit
    - Fixed the placeholders when you hover over someone's chat
    - Updated a slightly misleading hologram at spawn
    - Zombie pigman now drop gold ingots instead of nuggets
    - Disabled item stacking/merging temporarily
    - Optimized hopper movement speed more
    - Added money rewards to Outpost
    - The server will now automatically detect low TPS and adjust accordingly
    - Added CEs: Slowness, MultiShot
    - Updated /ce list
    - Greatly increased MobCoin drop chances
    - Updated Factions section of scoreboard
    - Fixed crate kit rewards
    - Condensed F-Top update announcement
    - Fixed a typo in /redeem
    - Fixed an issue with Speed III not being recognized on items
    - Removed armor from zombie drops
    - Fixed enchanting table access at /warp enchant
    - Revamped Envoy rewards
    - Added a line in the spawn hologram about /rules
    - Made /warp ce look better and added more information
    - Raised maximum CoinFlip bet
    - Added Zombie Pigman MobHoppers to /hoppers
    - Disabled roof (AC130) cannons
    - Set up /warp tutorial
    - Fixed /printer access
    - Disabled wither spawning in the end
    - Re-enabled item stacking/merging
    - The VIP in-game rank now gets two sethomes
    - F Top spawner values now align with spawner prices at the market
    - Added value for gold nuggets
    - Lowered cooldowns for factions warp commands
    - Disabled left shooting
    - Updated /pv format
    - Updated rules: insiding is now not allowed at all
    - /ftop now gives a calculation message instead of giving incorrect values while in the middle of a calculation
    - Fixed a bug/error with CropHoppers
    - Added /nv to all players
    - Fixed all KoTH key rewards
    - Added aliases for MobCoins & Genbuckets: /mc & /gb
    - Added /board (toggle scoreboard)
    - Fixed a major flaw in damage calculations, fixing PvP balancing in general
    - Fixed an issue with horizontal Genbuckets only going East
    - Added new Genbucket types: Gravel, Dispenser
    - Fixed client-sided lag issues with Genbuckets
    - Updated Genbucket GUI and messages, now using the actionbar instead of chat
    - Disabled ClearLag warning announcements
    - Decreased time between ClearLags to 2 minutes (from 5)
    - Upped maximum mob stacking size to 5000 (from 500)
    - Added /sell, /tntfill, and all factions-related commands to anti-spam
    - Disabled InstaBreak CE
    - Prefix formatting is now identical in both chat and private messages
    - Fixed an issue with VoidChests "expiring" and no longer working after a reboot
    - Fixed an issue with the Rage CE not applying properly
    - Removed CoinFlip tax
    - You are now teleported to spawn on death instead of your faction home
    - Added raiding category to /shop
    - Fixed spawner purchasing signs at /warp spawner
    - Fixed a bunch of miscellaneous errors with factions core
    - Performance updates to item stacking
    - Updated Nether world border to proper size
    - Fixed an issue with a backup border being set incorrectly
    - Added season information to scoreboard
    - Gave all players access to /f tntfill
    - Added a line in the spawn hologram about /rules
    - Added passive mobs to clearlag

    NOTE: Changes here may not be active until the reboot after they are made.
    As always, expect more changes to be made as the week progresses.
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