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October 1st 2018

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    October 1st 2018

    Network Changes

    - Disabled renaming for CE books
    - US-EAST traffic is being temporarily routed through US-WEST until connection issues are resolved
    - US-EAST traffic is no longer being routed through US-WEST
    - US-EAST traffic is now being routed through US-WEST again
    - Updated MOTD to reflect OP Factions reset
    - Added the minimum follower/subscriber count to the media applications thread

    Server-Specific Changes

    - Updated SOTM
    OP Factions
    - Fixed the /ce GUI not showing for players
    - Created new system to give out a configurable amount of random items
    - Created new system to give out a configurable amount of random OP items
    - Added /nv
    - Iron golems will no longer drop poppies on death
    - Added /bin
    - ClearLag messages have been significantly reduced
    - Emotes list has been fixed
    - Added /sugar
    - Added new mob stacker system
    - /rankredeem will now give you your rank's MCMMO credits
    - Moved to a brand new GUI-based MCMMO credits system
    - Added the ability to toggle faction chat modes
    - EXP Fly will now only take 10 EXP per second rather than 1 level per second
    - Added back /f promote
    - When teleporting to your home in water/lava, you'll now be teleported exactly where the home is rather than the safest location
    - You can no longer go into the void
    - Added /f f as an alias for /f who
    - There is no longer a $100 fee for starting a faction
    - Added /fca (alliance chat)
    - Added /ks as an alias for /killstats
    - Zombie and zombie pigmen spawners now work
    - Added /f bal and /f balance as an alias to /f money
    - Faction balance is now counted towards /f top
    - Added /f top values
    - Axes no longer do massive amounts of damage
    - Fixed an issue where you couldn't redeem your money when you upgraded to Sapphire
    - Removed a rogue invalid character in MOTD
    - K/D will no longer show decimals as you cannot kill part of a person
    - Replaced /f level with /f upgrades
    - Added information for /f upgrades to /f help
    - `/f who` now shows a proper output if you input a non-existing faction
    - Created warp GUI (/warp)
    - Updated crates GUI layout
    - Faction co-leaders can now set the faction title
    - Fixed an issue where only skeletons and chickens were spawning naturally
    - Fixed an issue where you could destroy the bedrock floors with TNT
    - Tab list is now in line with the rest of the network (1.7 should still be supported with this)
    - Tab is now ordered by rank
    - Default max power is now 50
    - Starting power is 10
    - Faction member limit is 50
    - /f fly -> auto enables on joining claimed land
    - /f show now hides any empty info
    - Added gapple/pearl cooldowns
    - You cannot mine spawners when enemies are within 200 blocks
    - Spawners now act as sponge and repel water
    - Added /creeper: spawn a creeper on your position
    - Disabled withers
    - Disabled use of schematica outside of world border
    - Lava can now be absorbed by sponges
    - Weather is disabled
    - Redstone cannot be broken by water
    - Fixes for sand stacking for non-full blocks (beds, chests, etc)
    - Fixed known glitches with ender pearls
    - Items cannot be burned
    - Horses cannot be ridden (glitch fix)
    - Disabled teleporting to enemy land
    - Disabled boats (glitch fix)
    - Prevented sand stacking on world border
    - Explosions now do no damage (to players)
    - Iron golems spawn on fire automatically
    - Blazes are now waterproof
    - Cannons will no longer blow up if fired wrong
    - Water will not flow outside of borders
    - Disabled MCMMO gains from automated farms (using pistons to check)
    - Factions alerts for when important changes happen in your claims (owner only) (/falerts)
    - Added grace period command and command to check time remaining
    - Added the ability to filter what items go into hoppers
    - Added mob hoppers (like crop hoppers collects but all mob drops in chunk)
    - Void chests are now per-player instead of faction-based
    - You can now only set homes on solid blocks (denied: water, lava, air) (anti-glitch)
    - Switched factions help from /help to just redirect to /f help
    - TNT now loads chunks when in movement, so any cannon damage is instant instead of processed when moved into by a player
    - F-Top now looks significantly better
    - Spawners are now 40% more expensive from shop
    - Added outposts
    - Added outpost warp to GUI
    - Switched old /exp command with /expwithdraw; can now use both levels and raw EXP
    - Moved from old SOTW mode to new one, with command /sotw to check the remaining time
    - Fixed a crucial issue with factions fly
    - Added printer mode (/printer)
    - Web limit per Y level is now 2
    - Added piston push limit to prevent some auto cannons
    - Disabled sand fencegate plates
    - Disabled roof cannons
    - Fixed some sand stacking issues
    - TNT no longer gives knockback
    - Added monthly crates
    - Removed /speed entirely
    - Spawners now go directly into your inventory when mined
    - /staff now has a message
    - Gave players access to /cf stats
    - Fixed the pickaxe kit signs not giving pickaxes
    - Removed access to /marry tp
    - Added witches & blaze to entities killed achievement list
    - Disabled fishing rod damage
    - Disabled chorus fruit teleportation in spawn & PvP

    NOTE: Changes here may not be active until the reboot after they are made.
    As always, expect more changes to be made as the week progresses.
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