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November 5th 2018

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    November 5th 2018

    Network Changes

    - Added #bot-commands and enabled a few commands like !cat and !joke for that channel only
    - Added 5x and 20x Ultra Crates to store (Skyblock)

    Server-Specific Changes

    - Fixed El Chapo rank not having access to the El Chapo kit
    OP Factions
    - Moved /withdraw bank notes to new system
    - Updated Printer Mode to a new, stable version
    - Fixed an error with cannon protection
    - Fixed an issue with stacked drops and iron golems
    - Removed a possible dupe glitch with stacked drops
    - Fixed issues with faction leaders being viewed as admins
    - Added missing buttons to faction GUIs
    - Fixed relation faction permissions for interactables (doors, buttons, etc)
    - Removed an exploit with faction disbanding
    - Reset the server!
    - Renamed all OP items to manager items
    - Set up, balanced, and implemented staff items
    - Added BM Rod
    - Set up and balanced BM
    - Changed BM weapons to admin items
    - Added a silk touch pick to emperor kit
    - Set up rewards for challenges
    - Gave all players access to /kit starter
    - Removed player access to /kit starter
    - Set up /warp Zoo
    - Fixed a few incorrect requirements for challenges
    - Fixed ExtraSpawners not existing
    - Fixed kits with 2 axes having Silk Touch on both axes
    - Changed "Neme" to "Skyblock" in the scoreboard title
    - Added kit extraspawners back
    - Added fishing-related words to unscramble game
    - Re-gave players access to /kit starter
    - Balanced mob spawners
    - Balanced mob drops
    - Gave elite+ swords fire aspect
    - Added a sell price to poppies
    - Added access to parrot and polar bear spawners
    - Added the ability to trade BM apples for upgrade shards
    - Made command formatting on some tutorial signs more consistent
    - Added /parkour notify, which lets you toggle broadcasts for parkour completion messages
    - Bolded commands in holograms for consistency
    - Updated challenge rewards
    - Added info message when trying to use a crate key like a flare
    - Villagers can no longer be traded with by visitors by default
    - Added the ability to toggle villager trading for visitors
    - Added island borders
    - Added the ability to toggle island borders
    - Fixed an issue that prevented staff's default chat colour from being white
    - Removed nickname and power level from chat hover
    - Toggling prefix has been permanently removed
    - Added tag description of the current tag you have enabled in chat when you hover over it
    - Removed airdrop flares and switched to crate keys
    - Keys will be dropped if your inventory is full when you receive them
    - Rank redeem has been completely remade to support both month and Titan rewards
    - Fixed an exploit with rank redeem money that allowed you to redeem previous rank rewards once Titan expired
    - Drop parties are now in line with the rest of the network (the countdown will actually show)
    - You can now only do /lfi once
    - Removed /lfi and /islands from welcome hologram
    - Replaced money packages with money pouches (money pouches will yield more money overall than the regular packages)
    - Redemption items can no longer be renamed
    - You can no longer place upgrade crystals
    - /nv will now send you a message rather than an action bar
    - Time will always be 6,000 ticks in spawn
    - Added two new types of symbols to Titan (Butterfly & Sparkle)
    - Added /nickrestore: allows you to restore your nickname to the previous nickname you had
    - Added /autosell on and /autosell off aliases
    - Added /is unlock (still a toggle just like /is lock)
    - Added /is to staff welcome message
    - You can now toggle rankup messages either by clicking or doing /togglerankup
    - Added diamond shovels to /drops
    - Fixed an issue where doing /heal while on cooldown would toggle your permanent night vision
    - Added /anvil
    - Added /blocks to show total blocks broken
    - When doing /is value on a block, it'll now tell you how many points are worth a level
    - You can now give your island a name (/is name)
    - When someone tries to buy something from your out of stock chest shop, it'll now tell you who it is and where
    - Biomes GUI is now more consistent with the relevant biomes
    - If you do /is listcoops whilst nobody has been added, it'll now tell you that you have nobody added
    - When doing /is kick, it'll no longer say "Unknown command" if you don't specify a player
    - Fly mode has been fixed when teleporting between spawn and island world
    - Redone entire format for skyblock plugin
    - Fixed an issue where biomes wouldn't update properly when changing them
    - Fixed a major issue where people were losing access to their islands upon transferring ownership
    - Fixed a slight formatting issue with /rename
    - Fixed an issue with kill messages where even if you had them disabled, they'd still show
    - Added souls shop (/soulshop)
    - Added spawner shop (/spawnershop)
    - Added Ultra crate
    - Added monthly crates
    - Vote Party requirements have been increased from 75 votes to 150
    - When a vote party is activated, you'll now receive a 30 minute 2x hopper item transfer rate boost (you must be online when the party is activated)
    - Reduced number of players per IP to 5 from 10
    - Added staff crate
    - Added /fps
    - Created Fishing system
    - Added MobCoins
    - Changed reset limit to 1 from 3
    - You will now receive peaceful and corrupt souls for killing various mobs
    - Added /togglesouls which will toggle the message you receive when receiving a soul
    - Fixed wheat seeds & netherwart challenges
    - Removed spawners from main donor kits & moved them into extras kits
    - Fixed an issue where Titan redemptions you hadn't picked would go into a state of counting up after you selected one of the other
    - Changed soul information hologram to mention spawners
    - Added light to the zoo
    - Fixed a typo in the /island leave message
    - Removed old holograms from under /warp zoo
    - It'll no longer show the player's nickname in private messages, instead it will show the full IGN
    - Upped Hopper limit to 50 from 25 per chunk
    - Made fishing progressively harder as you level up
    - Added /mc as a shortcut to /mobcoins
    - Fixed an item displaying wrong in /drops GUI
    - Fixed itemstats credits not redeeming
    - Blocked flying in /warp pvp
    - Added boat racing island
    - Reduced alt limit from 5 to 3
    - Fixed an issue that prevented you from placing most ore blocks
    - Fixed people being able to fly in the cave under pvp
    - Fixed leaderboard for top balances showing the wrong statistics
    - Re-balanced some kits
    - Added Staff keys to Vote and VoteParty crates
    - Added Black Market sponge with the Black Market lore to the Shady Dealer
    - Disabled fly in fishing area
    - Added [Disposal] signs at /warp zoo
    - Reduced sand quantities in vote & vote party crates
    - Added dirt to vote & vote party crates

    NOTE: Changes here may not be active until the reboot after they are made.
    As always, expect more changes to be made as the week progresses.
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