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New Addition New Staff rank!

Discussion in 'News' started by Rasturize, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Rasturize

    Rasturize Staff Member Manager SAM BART ELI

    Hello everyone,

    Today we'll be opening the doors for a new staff rank, Helper! With an increase of players over the last few months, we've worked on recruiting new staff to the team, but we still need lots of people to help answer questions or give people a simple introduction to a server. For these reasons, we're adding the new Helper rank to give more players a chance to help the staff team with these tasks.

    So you're thinking, I want to get a chance to be a helper, how do I do it? Going to the Staff Application section of our forums, there is an option to apply for Helper, or Half Mod, depending on which rank you wish to apply for. The staff team has also chosen some players in the community who would be a good fit for this rank and will be contacting them for an interview within the next few days.

    There will be more information about this rank on the Staff Application form. I wish all applicants luck, feel free to ask questions below!

    ~The NemeGaming Staff Team
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  2. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    I'll apply but lmao i wont get it xd
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  3. Zelllex


    ooo dope! we're gonna see some cool helpers around for sure ;)
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  4. joejoetheminer

    New Member

    You must really know someone is up for the job when they apply for helper because I can't I Imagine there is many perms in it.
  5. Void

    New Member

  6. Vova

    New Member

    i would REALLY like staff!!!
  7. Kahuno

    Kahuno Staff Member Mod ISAAC ELI

    I gotta say good luck to everyone who applies, Helper will be a good change/Addition to Neme.
  8. LucidMusic


    Its not always about the perms its about being a great staff member.
  9. IOwe


    Definitely a great addition to the server! Good luck to everyone who applies!
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  10. joejoetheminer

    New Member

    Exactly, that's my point, it shows people just want to be a hard working staff member
  11. LucidMusic


    Dam right XD
  12. joejoetheminer

    New Member

    Well good luck to all that apply!
  13. Lily

    Lily Staff Member Mod

    This is a great addition to the server! Hopefully more staff will be online, it will really help the staff team a lot.
    Good luck :)
  14. LucidMusic


    apply lily you would do so good
  15. Lily

    Lily Staff Member Mod

    Thanks but no thanks xD Well I'm still thinking about changing my mind but till then I'm not gonna apply.
  16. Kingmatt2002


    I'm for sure applying
  17. wyean

    New Member

    Ill apply.... probably wont get it but dosent hurt to try...
  18. wyean

    New Member

    uhh what
  19. Poly_Sama


    What exactly is a helper able to do?
  20. Kahuno

    Kahuno Staff Member Mod ISAAC ELI

    we're just here to help and answer questions, not much to it.

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