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New spawner system explained

Discussion in 'Skyblock Discussion' started by branny00, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC BART ELI SAM

    Hey so in this tutorial I will try my best to explain the new spawner system via text and video.

    So it is not the same as our normal system which was just changing them with a command.

    You have to get different items some easier than others but it mainly includes grinding a lot of mobs (/warp zoo)

    Spawner cage
    To start off with you will need to gain a spawner cage which you can make in /ecraft under spawners click the empty spawner it will cost 128 diamond blocks 4 iron bars and 64 gold blocks to make then click the crafting table in the menu.

    Life essences
    You will then need a life essence which you can get with mobcoins from killing hostile mobs there is a chance (/mobcoins)

    After or during getting these you will also need to grind souls so if you want a hostile mob spawner you will have to get hostile souls from killing hostile mobs (1 per kill) you can use these in the soulshop (/soulshop) If you want to get peaceful mob spawners you will have to grind peaceful mobs.

    Crafting the spawner
    Once you have got all 3 of these items you will be able to craft your spawner (/spawnershop) Also make sure you only have the 1 spawner you want to use in your inventory when buying the spawner you want.

    If you do not want to read here is a video showing it all:

    If you think I am missing something feel free to reply here or pm me here, discord or in game.
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  2. cyn


    we love a good sister spawner explanation

    ty for this ! I’m sure newer ppl will appreciate this a lot
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  3. vivien147


    Spawner cage cost 128 diamond blocks + 4 iron bars + 64 gold blocks.
  4. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC BART ELI SAM

    Thank you for reminding me :)
  5. ImDerpiee


    In my opinion, this I don't like this. it is so much more complicated, and the old system was so much easier to use. As a long time player, the old one fits better.
  6. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC BART ELI SAM

    The old system maybe not be complicated but with this system we have now yes it is hard to get the items now but as we go further on in the reset it will not seem that impossible to get them.
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  7. babyplatypus19


    Could not agree more, requires more playtime and grinding and less afking :)

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