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Network Account Limits

Discussion in 'Network Discussions' started by TheShortPerson, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. TheShortPerson

    TheShortPerson Staff Member Community Manager BART ELI

    Today, we'd like to clear up some confusion regarding a rule that's been in place for a while. On every server's /srules, they have a variation of the image below:
    In the past, there have been mixed messages about whether this account limit refers to just a limit of concurrently online accounts or accounts altogether.

    Today, we'd like to clarify that the official stance of the network is that these per-server account limits are for the number of accounts on an IP used at any time, not just at one time. We recognize that this hasn't been clearly communicated in the past, that's why we hope to do so today.

    In addition, we will now be enforcing these limits beginning Wednesday, March 25th, at 12 a.m. EDT/4 a.m. UTC. We are giving this period of time rather than bringing it into immediate effect to give those players who may be in violation of this rule time to change their ways before punishments start to be handed out. Past violations of this rule will not be punished, but violations going forward will be.

    To be clear, the account limits on each server are as follows:
    - Skyblock: 4
    - Survival: 5
    - Prison: 3
    - KitPvP: 3

    ~ NemeGaming Administration
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  2. Shellshocker


    no more playing neme at school I guess
  3. WhiteThornRose


    Rip parent's electricity bill.
  4. ImDerpiee


    why are the limits different between servers? just curious
  5. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Community Manager

    It is different depending on how many accounts we feel are needed on each server. Some need less for certain things.
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    hee hee!!!

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