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Discussion in 'Skyblock Discussion' started by Caleb3nder, Mar 20, 2020.

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  1. Caleb3nder


    Hello to whomever is reading this. Today I was banned for something which I am not really concerned about, but however, I have something to say about the server. This is the most favoritism server I have ever been to. Today 3 of my island members left, optic_s, rebeccablaze420, and Ilovealice. They took all of my things and left with no explanation. One of which told me to give him his spawners which he allegedly took from his other island owner. He got a staff member on, (jonny6980) then he told me to give him the spawners. A recent event happened similar to this but with kylerocket11 and goldonen. Goldon took kyles stuffed and forced him to pay 40$ for it to come back. This server is very opinionative based on someone's preference. The moderators and staff cannot receive criticism without being upset. You may not care about this post, but I do, as of right now I will be reporting this server for this intolerable behavior.
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  2. ImDerpiee


    suck a fart
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    how do you report an entire server lmao
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  3. Rosaliee


    Thanks for the laugh, much appriciated.
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  4. CiaoMein


  5. Cyndalavosion

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  6. Caleb3nder


    to mojang
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  7. Goldonen


    Hey mate, maybe try reading /srules before playing on the server. it clearly states, that any type of trusted griefing is within the rules. If your island member turns, insides or raids you, thats on you...

    Also, quit complaining to the moderators, its fucking annoying to them, when they are not even the ones to blame most of the time :D They are just trying to do their job, much love to them.
  8. ColoColoMan


    gold with the big brain time
  9. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    Going to lock this, we don't need a dogpile.
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