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My ideas for the next reset

Discussion in 'KitPvP Discussion' started by wudderman, Apr 1, 2018.

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  1. wudderman


    Hello, and welcome to my mind! Literally, this post is you entering my mind. This what I think the next reset should be like.
    Okay, first things first. KitPvP has an average player count of around 10 I estimate, which isn't good enough when compared to other servers. KitPvP has so much potential compared to other servers since it uses under powered gear like wooden swords and leather compared to diamond swords and armour. I believe that this server hasn't utilised its full potential yet- and I think that my two cents could hopefully make you realise how much potential Kits has!

    Self build

    Woah, quite the touchy topic! Chaning the whole KitPvP dynamic like that! Well, not really. Sure, the whole self build idea seems quite daunting at first glance; but let me take your hand and guild you through my concept of what self build should be like!

    I want to get this out of the way before anything. No diamond gear. No OP enchants. No totally unfair gameplay.

    Players should spawn with kit starter. This kit should comprise of a full set of chain, five gapples and a stone sword. Players can chose if they want a bow with 32 arrows and a wooden shovel instead if they'd like. Donors get access to an upgraded starter kit that has an iron chest plate, extra arrows and more gapples.

    Here's the real cheese, donors get access to a hourly redeemable kit depending on their rank. For balancing, they can only redeem their level kit, not lower tier kits as well. Examples:
    Lowest donor rank gets iron chest plate and a sharp one stone sword
    Highest donor rank gets full iron and a iron sword sharp one
    See, nothing too OP. Most self build up servers introduce diamond gear and all that nonsense that ruin the balance.

    Oh, and another thing to mention is that you can enchant your gear. XP will be rewarded fore killing other players, completing challenges and ect...
    Nothing too OP though, only one row of book shelf will be available to players. Anvils will also be present along with durability to iron armour and repair signs.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Right now, we only have two donor ranks: emerald and obsidian. This is nothing compared to many other game modes we have in Nemegaming. Personally, I think that we should have around eight ranks. This'll not only increase the profit Nemegaming will make, but also crack down on donor teaming.

    -Default abilities
    -Just to make players want to buy a rank.

    Gold $1.49
    -Join message
    -Gold prefix
    -/kit gold

    Emerald $2.24
    -Colour chat
    -Three /pv
    -Emerald prefix
    -/kit emerald

    Diamond $3.48
    -Donor kits access
    -Diamond prefix
    -/kit diamond

    Obsidian $4.48
    -Two ability unlock tokens
    -Donor starter kit access
    -Four /pv
    -Obsidian prefix
    -/kit obsidian

    Redstone $9.98
    -Three ability unlock tokens
    -Ability to TPA
    -Four extra chest rows
    -Five /pv
    -Redstone prefix
    -/kit redstone

    Bedrock $19.98
    -Four ability unlock tokens
    -Ability to TPA
    -Dying armour
    -Renaming items
    -Unlimited storage
    -Kill effects
    -Ten /pv
    -Bedrock prefix
    -/kit bedrock
    Please, keep in mind that these are ideas. Nothing is final! Not all rank abilities will be stated above since I don't want your finger to hurt when you scroll down to comment..


    Currently, cash is only used to either upgrade kits or unlocking kill effects. Personally, I feel like it's about time we added something new to KitPvp that players can grind towards that isn't just butcher V. My idea is special abilities that players can purchase from a window/merchant which can be unlocked and upgraded. Negative debuff should last around 3-5s for balancing.

    1) Arrow lifeline- 5% chance of saving your arrow when used! [Arrow]
    2) Toughness- 1% chance to man out a direct hit! [Diamond]
    3) Running shoes- 3% chance to gain Speed I on kill! [Speed pot]
    4) Gabriel's touch- 3% chance to gain Regeneration I on kill! [Regen pot]
    5) Rage- 1% chance to get Strength I on kill! [Strength pot]
    6) Venom- 3% chance to inflict poison I on hit! [Ghast tear]
    7) Aegis- 3% chance to gain Resistance I on kill! [Resistance pot]
    8) Shitsumei- 0.2% chance to inflict blindness I on hit! [String]
    9) Poison arrows- 3% chance to inflict poison on arrow hit! [Arrow]
    10) Arrostos- 1% chance to inflict nausea on arrow hit! [Arrow]
    11) Luck- 1% chance to save an arrow, gain double cash on kill, ect.. [Gold ingot]
    12) Magic farm- 3% chance to gain one golden apple on kill! [Golden apple]
    13) Sciocchi's eye- 1% chance to inflict Wither on hit! [Spider eye]
    14) Handie's heel- 1% chance to receive Speed I while running (maybe a randomise that plays every 5s while running?) [Rabbit's foot]
    15) Handie's spring- 1% chance to receive Jump I while running (maybe a randomise that plays every 5s while running?) [Rabbit's foot]
    15) Pyromancer- 1% chance to inflict fire effect on hit! [Blaze rod]
    16) Science- 1% chance to receive a random potion on kill (from a custom potion pool)! [Water potion]
    17) Absorbent- Start with two golden hearts on spawn [Golden apple]
    18) Shinboru- 1% chance to inflict glow effect on arrow hit! [Nether star]
    19) Gold rush- 5% chance to receive double cash on kill! [Gold block]
    20) Healthy mind- 5% chance to gain 3 hearts on kill! [Health pot]
    21) OP expect- 0.5% chance to obtain a diamond sword for 5s on kill! [Diamond sword]
    22) Ender within- 0.5% chance to obtain an ender pearl on kill! [Ender pearl]
    23) Charted skin- 3% chance to gain fire resistance when in contact with lava/fire! [Fire resistance pot]
    24) Navigator- Start with a compass that points to the nearest player upon respawn! [Compass]
    25) Silverfish- 0.3% chance to spawn silverfish on hit! [Stone block]
    26) The fool- 5% chance to obtain 5 eggs on kill! [Egg]
    27) Resistance- 5% chance to resist a negative debuff! [Milk]
    28) Vampirism- 1% chance to steal one heart from your enemy! [Nether wart]
    29) Anaerobic- 1% chance to inflict Weakness on hit! [Weakness potion]
    30) Heavy arrows- 3% chance to inflict Slowness on arrow hit! [Arrow]
    31) Aquatics- 5% chance to obtain Water Breathing when submerged in water! [Water bucket]
    32) Over here- 0.5% chance to inflict Glowing on hit! [Nether star]
    33) Fast hands- Gain haste on respawn! (pretty aesthetically pleasing when you swing your sword ngl) [Diamond pickaxe]
    34) Self pharmacist- Regenerate health 1.3x as fast! [Health pot]
    35) Brannpiler- 1% chance to light your opponent upon arrow hit! [Blaze powder]
    36) Thor's hand- 0.5% chance to inflict lightning in hit! [Glass]
    37) Diamond tipped arrows- 3% chance to inflict double damage on arrow hit! [Arrow]
    38) Sugar rush- 0.3% chance gain Speed 3 for 5s at a random moment! [Sugar]
    39) Pomf- 0.5% chance to push your opponent away when hit! [Cactus]
    40) Explosive tip- 1% chance to create an explosion on arrow hit! [TNT]
    41) PHD- Spawn with a Regeneration I potion! [Regen pot]
    42) Gravity?- 0.01% chance to give your opponent levitation on hit! [Eye of ender]
    43) The spoon- Spawn with a wooden shovel with fire aspect I that can only be used three times! [Wooden spade]
    44) Bowman- Spawn with a bow that can only fire one arrow! [Bow]
    45) Experienced mind- Gain 1.3x XP on kill! [XP bottle]
    46) Insurance- Protect 25% of your XP on death! [Book]
    47) Protection- One extra protection on armour! [Iron chest plate]
    48) Capacity expert- Increase the size of your enderchest by one row! (upgraded twice) [Chest]
    49) Experience expert- Increase the size of your experience storage by 20! (upgraded twice) [XP bottle]
    50) Level two pass- Allows you to gain access to level two kits! [Emerald]
    51) Level three pass- Allows you to gain access to level three kits! [Obsidian]
    52) Magnet- 1.3x as likely to find a kill create key! [Tripwire]
    53) OP expect II- 0.01% chance to gain diamond armour and diamond sword for 10s on kill! [Diamond chest plate]
    54) Best friend- 0.5% chance to spawn a tamed wolf on kill! [Bone]

    Please keep in mind that these are examples and this is an idea- nothing is final.
    With each ability upgrade, there is a logical increase in percentage chance for that ability to activate (paraphrase on max level the effect gets a buff?). The level cap should be level 3. This time around, I want players to unlock abilities instead of upgrading them like the current kits system we have. Purchasing an ability should cost around 1-10k depending on the ability. Level upgrades should have a dramatic increase in price but yet still be affordable like our current kit upgrades. There are 54 ideas since there's 54 slots in a large chest.


    Kill creates- something we've never touched upon. Kill creates, as the name suggests, are creates that players can unlock using a kill key which is obtained by killing other players. Many other servers (big servers) also use kill creates to keep their players grinding and entertained. I believe that the one thing that KitPvP is lacking compared to other servers is the thrill of chance. You could compare this to vote flares if you want; but instead of a flare, it's a key, and instead of a supply stop, it's a create.

    Different types of creates:

    Kill create
    Opened by a kill key. Kill keys are obtained by killing other players. Their drop rate is fairly low at 5%. To stop players from farming each other, only one kill key can be obtained by killing a certain player one every thirty minuets to an hour. For example- if I want to farm and alt, I need to wait 30 minuets to an hour to get a kill key from him again.

    Donor crates
    Since I intend for more ranks to be added, there should be a donor create for each rank. The higher tier create, the better the items you get. Donor create keys should be obtained weeky to balance things out and to keep donnors coming

    Daily crates
    One of the big reasons why KitPvP has such a low player base is because there's not really a reason to come back the next day. Clash Royal (if you've ever played it) has daily crates to keep players coming back everyday. Something like this would surely increase the average player count. There should be mid tier items in this crate, slightly better than kill crates.

    Vote crates
    Now, this is the main attraction! Voting on KitPvP nowadays is, to put it simply, useless... Money isn't enough to persuade players to vote. Something like this would surely feed the players addiction to the thrill of chance. This chest should contain mid tier items.

    What should the crates contain?
    Crates should contain:
    Money ($100-$10k)
    Temporary low tier donor ranks
    An ability
    Exclusive emotes
    Self buildup items​


    Thank you for taking time out of your life to read my post! I don't expect all of this to make it in next reset but I tried to make all my ideas as realistic as possible for gameplay and devs to implement.

    Very brief summery

    Self build
    No diamond armour self build

    Eight more ranks ranging from a few pennies to a lot of pennies.

    Abilities which can be brought to aid you in combat or other shenanigans.

    Crates that can be unlocked with a key to reward you with a item/something.

    (sorry if this post isn't as aesthetically pleasing as my others, it's hard when you have a post this big)

    Commenting rules-
    -No toxicity. All pointless harassment will be deleted.
    -All criticism has to come with a point. No 'your ideas are shit' or 'bad ideas', please include points and explanations!
    -If your going to say 'you could of made separate posts for these ideas' please don't bother commenting.
    -All attempts to stir up and argument will be deleted.
    -If I miss anything out or something doesn't add up, please tell me!
    -Drifting off topic will be dealt with accordingly
    -Respect each other's thoughts and opinions!
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  2. LiittleR3d


    Personally, I am not a very active player on kits. However, I feel that with additional features as the ones listed I could feel more obliged to change that and become more active. Currently when I go on kits I am usually just following around friends as they play. With more opportunities like you have listed I feel that not only myself, but many other players could have much more enjoyment whilst playing. And as you said, with features like daily crates it is likely that we can get more players to return each day.

    All seem like very good suggestions to me; love seeing new perspectives on improvement.
  3. Pyli

    Pyli Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC BART

    I like some of these ideas, but these would change a lot about kits. I agree on more donor ranks but it’s a bit pointless for iron and coal since those are under the minimum payment.
  4. Badman_Willis


    I Also think the idea sounds great but you have to keep in mind whether or not everybody would be so happy on the idea, for example the players who are willing to donate may seem to be more into the idea whereas the casual kits player may not enjoy this as much.
    However though all in all, the idea sounds really good and you can tell you put a lot of effort int making this.
  5. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    i have issues with this, but they’re not too big.

    why would we need so many ranks for a kits server? don’t overcomplicate it. that’s one of the reasons i joined neme, it was simple and something easily understandable.

    “crates” won’t be added, it has to be flares. that’s the system.

    “self build” seems nice, but could still lead to the server being taken over by donators- the leading cause to the dead player base.

    i’m not sure about the rest.

    delete this post, i dare ya.
  6. wudderman


    I just like kits needed more ranks since other gamemodes have more ranks. And yeah, I'm starting to understand where you're coming from (knocked coal and iron from the list)

    Yeah, I can see where you're coming from at a development standpoint. But I think that all in all crates would be a better since it suits the kits vibe more xd

    Self build is more of a negative to donors than a positive if you ask me (usining my idea with no OP stuff). Since unranked can sweep and steal ranked gear they'll stand a chance which is much better than the system we have now.

    neither am i tbh

    no u
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 1, 2018 ---
    I know this is a big jump for kits- but it's needed. Kits' growth feels stunned. Yeah, it may have a peak player count of 20 daily, but I feel that we can do much better than that. Sticking to our roots and doing the same thing over and over again isn't going to change anything

    Thanks for the feedback man :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 1, 2018 ---
    Yeah, feel like kits needs a makeover tbh

    Removed coal and iron, thanks for the feedback my dude :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 1, 2018 ---
    Yeah, I feel like added a reason for players to join back everyday would be a great idea aswell!

    Thanks for the feedback :)
  7. loopey


    Regarding balance, couldn't donors easily grind out people in chain armor for kills?
    I would rather not have poison because that slows you down and is basically a guaranteed death, you can't run or outhit them.
    I feel the same way about this, I do not think there should be blindness.
    Same thing.
    Same thing.
    The biggest thing when facing an archer is strafing, not a good decision when you are slowed down.
    Bow spammers.
    Would most likely be OP
    Also OP even for that long, especially in 5v5s.
    Those are annoying.
    Here is my opinion on crates, I believe they should like you said, be given once every 30 minutes to possibly an hour. When you receive one it will give a message in chat saying you have received one (Hey! You just received a kill crate, to access this use /crate at spawn) and will be stored in a sort of a GUI so they can obtain the key whenever they get to spawn. Why I say it should be stored in a GUI instead of given to you while you are down in the PvP zone is because teaming is already a big problem, if say you got a crate then you could easily get ganged on and they would get it.

    Finally, I'd like to say thank you for taking the time to make this thread.
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  8. ZutAlors


    Fantastic thread Mr. Wudderman! Some very astute suggestions, as expected from someone with such a keen eye. Kits does need to be changed, and such presented propositions are sure to bring about salubrious changes to said server. I can see that an overt amount of effort has been funnelled into this, and soon hope to find that many of these proposals find themselves nested comfortably in our delicate NemeGaming Kits ecosystem. New staff members, take notes! - THIS is the sort of passion and zeal which separates NemeGaming from other servers.
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  9. wudderman


    This is an hourly/daily kit. Infact, this will aid the non donors more than anything. Non donors now have the chance to use the donor kits since it's a self build system (they can steal their loot). Yeah, it may have its faults. But personally I think it's way better than our current kit meta. You can't make a 100% fair server since Nemegaming needs cash to survive.

    Sorry, but I forgot to add how long these potion effects last. I intend negative debuffs to last three or five seconds to void these types of issues

    Same thing as above

    Wither basically disables your ability to see your health, more of a annoying hindrance than anything

    I intend it to be a short lasting debuff

    It's only a 3% chance, and that's not even official

    Nonono, sorry I forgot to mention that the shovel can only be used like three times (takes inspiration from pyro kit)

    That's why it's 0.01% chance. That's a one in ten thousand chance to gain this effect. And yeah, it maybe OP but that's the point. Maybe have it only diamond helmet and chest plate with sword?

    That's why it's 0.5% (one in two-hundred) chance

    Sorry I didn't explain this in full detail, but this 'kill create' idea comes from rjnugs' post ( ) and a section from one of my previous posts ( ). Basically, there's a low chance that when you kill a player you receive a kill key. You can then open a kill create at spawn and receive a reward.

    Yeah, sorry for making this post so sloppy information wise. I've been very busy with exams and other things so I haven't had the proper time to flesh this out. Thanks for your feedback, I've altered parts of the suggestion to fine tune it with your feedback :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 2, 2018 ---
    Ah, but alas my hopes that these fine tuned blueprints will be implemented into the Nemegaming Network's gamemode 'KitPvP' are rather rationed in my mind. Though these ideas may be on pare with some of Varhan's thoughts and concepts; I doubt they would take the risk and implement self building unfortunately.

    Even though facing this reality is excruciating, I must remember that Nemegaming operates in the best interest for the community and the network. Thanks for the feedback my eagle eyed friend, tally ho!
  10. rjnugs


    all pooie ideas just like pooie mod @loopey
  11. loopey


    Thank you for letting me know, hope to see your suggestions implemented.
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  12. rjnugs


    Also fix the shit kb there is none
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  13. wudderman


    violation of commenting rules a and b prepare to be demonitized
  14. Myzzelf


    Your posts always impress me,good job <3 Also nice and clear ideas there
  15. rjnugs


    stop flirting u gay
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  16. rjnugs


  17. WhiteThornRose


    44) Bowman- Spawn with a bow that can only fire one arrow! [Bow]
    Why trolling me?? ONE ARROW???
    Since this suggestion of self kit build up, I Would be glad to set up my own pvp style for the future of kitpvp with aspects of skill sets or abilities upon leveling up or recieve earnings. Wudderman can you add in Home-comming arrows which is a perk as well? I also want to include Paralazying arrows so players will take slowness and I would easily catch up to them or miserably kill them if they keep running. Hint: If players try to move during paralysis Effect: 0:02s (slowness) the paralysis timer will stay the same until the victim stops moving.>:). That will be according to my plan. Don't forget to fix those strength pots and speed pots wudder, incase remove them if they get too op!

    Add on - We should have pick a class type of stuff for players who has speciality with different class for example: Tank(Rambo), Fighter(BrainDead) , Archer(Backline), Sniper(Strategist) , Assassin(Solo operative), Warrior(Beserk), Specialist(Tactical), Medicvac (The Vaccum cleaner), and lastly Rasturize (Allows Hacks). REMEMBER ThESe aRE EXAMPLES
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
  18. Henaliest


    No, archer should be removed as you can’t have ranged and melee kits on one server. Stop making requests that benefit you and disgrace the majority.
  19. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    yes you can lol wtf???
  20. Henaliest


    I never said he cant, i just told him to stop :)

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