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Month in Review | June 2019

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, Jul 2, 2019.

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    At the start of the month, a member of the staff team will receive “Staff of the Month” as an award of their exemplary work throughout the previous month. With that said, here are some kind words from our lovely Staff Manager, @VanessaMoo!

    Hey everyone!

    This month I'm going to give sotm to someone that even in there small amount of time here, has made a large impact. That person is @Faithful1999

    Ever since joining, Faithful has been a person that has given us a lot of feedback. She's talkative in the staff meetings, and initiates lots of discussions. Along with that, she's also very active in discord, as well as in game. Since the beginning of her time here, she's been working hard in game to help players, and is someone that has proven herself day in and day out. She never ignores players, and does the best that she can do in all situations, even in those that are frustrating.

    Please congratulate her, thanks for reading <3"
    At the start of the month, we’ll tally the votes of every person on the network that has voted and will order a list based on who has voted the most. The people who are in the top 3 will receive a gift card that can be used on any of our stores at any time until the credit is $0. The amount you receive will be determined by your position. Only the top 3 people will receive the prizes, but we’ll also show the top 5 total.

    #1 - Teddy_ursa (90 total votes): $30
    #2 - DatabaseErr0r (89 total votes): $20
    #3 - ELL_S
    (88 total votes): $10
    #3 - Poppa_ATL (88 total votes): $10
    #4 - Xcnix
    (86 total votes): Runner-up
    #4 - JoeMomma76 (86 total votes): Runner-up

    #5 - jrod_jdwils (85 total votes): Runner-up

    If you're in the top 3, then just send me a private message on the website!

    Congratulations to the top voters of the month! Be sure to get voting for your chance to be on the top for next month!

    You can vote here!
    With all that being said, that’s everything we have to share with you for now. If you liked this post, then please be sure to let us know!

    Thank you all for a great month, we'll have a lot more to share through the next month. See you in the next one!
    ~ NemeGaming Management ~
    Discord | Twitter
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    Another great month for Neme! :)
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    Congrats all!
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    still waiting for my promotion
  5. LoriOnMonday


    what promotion
  6. NotOkay

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    the promotion you'll never get
  7. DrPump


    Woohoo! Congrats everyone and Faithful!
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