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Month in Review | December 2018 & January 2019

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    December through January saw us bring together both an OP Factions and a long-awaited Drugwars reset. Both resets aimed to address a sleu of changes and longstanding issues. While they may have accomplished our original goals, the OP Factions reset definitely brought about some unintended issues that we hope to be able to finally fix with its next reset. More information on that at a later date.

    While it's had a small amount of lag-related issues, Drugwars has otherwise had a successful reset and accomplished what we set out to do with it. This reset specifically allowed us to update the backend systems we use on the server to match both Skyblock Ultra and OP Factions which means it'll be a lot easier to support going forward.
    Also throughout these months, we had a good amount of changes being made for the betterment of the network. A full comprehensive list of changes can be seen here, but the largest and most important changes will be shown below.

    - Tab auto-complete has been disabled for 1.13 clients to stop you from being kicked
    - Added a small subtitle with the server name when you join
    - Drop parties have been modified to work on both our 1.8 and 1.12 servers, meaning we'll be adding these in the future to the servers we couldn't have them on before
    - You can now do /lobby and /lobby2 to get to the respective lobbies
    - IRL Trading is now live again, read more about that here!
    - The Starter, RNG and Command bundles have been released on the Skyblock store, check them out here!
    - The server was recently reset. View all the reset changes here and here!
    - The server was recently reset. View all the reset changes here!
    - Removed hopper level system and reverted to the old Skyblock system we had before
    - Added the ability to change the following island settings (settings have always been active, but can now be changed per island):
    - Whether creeper explosions hurt
    - Toggling enter/exit messages
    - Whether visitors can use levers and buttons
    - Whether visitors can milk cows
    - Whether visitors can shear sheep
    - Whether visitors can trade with villagers
    - Whether visitors can drop items
    - Whether visitors can use chorus fruit
    - Toggling mob spawning (passive)
    - Toggling the ability for visitors to kill passive mobs
    - Toggling the ability for visitors to kill hostile mobs
    - Toggling the ability for visitors to throw ender pearls
    - Added a brand new clickable item system for all clickable items
    - Added an anti-dupe check that affects all clickable items so even if they are duplicated, they cannot be used
    - When a mob is killed in a stack (except from a player), it'll kill the entire stack rather than one at a time
    Jr. Mod -> Global Mod:
    Global Mod -> Sr. Mod:
    At the start of the month, a member of the staff team will receive “Staff of the Month” as an award of their exemplary work throughout the previous month. With that said, here are some kind words from our lovely Staff Manager, @VanessaMoo!

    "Hey y'all,

    This month, there were a lot of great candidates for staff of the month, and it was really hard for me to choose. So hard in fact, that I ended up picking two out of the bunch.

    @S4RG3 has been working hard since the day he got here. The amount of things he did this month and even before this month have impacted the server tremendously. He's been working on editing in game announcements, skripting, and helping to create new ELI events. The server is a better place since he's been around, and I know that I can rely on him to do anything I need him to successfully. He's active in helping out any team that needs help, and is one of the most competent people when it comes to his work. And of course, he's also a blast to have in a voice chat.

    @TheShortPerson has really impacted ELI this month. He was largely responsible for planning the holiday weekend events, and made sure that every event had a host and that the events ran smoothly. He's been updating the spreadsheets and and documents with anything from time zone changes to grammatical imperfections on his own. A large contribution that he's been making specifically is to the reset chats, and overall he's been going above and beyond.

    Be sure to congratulate them, thanks for reading <3"
    "Hey everyone,

    This month's SOTM is going to be going to @LiittleR3d.

    Even though she has just started leave, I couldn't miss the opportunity to point out all the hard and fantastic work she has done in the past 2 months. She has made my life TREMENDOUSLY easier, specifically regarding ELI. She's been helping me keep all documents up to date, as well as checking in with members. She's been working on Skyblock deathruns and Scavenger hunt, and has been doing a great job with organizing times for Eli members to work on these events. Otherwise, she is always pushing for new events behind the scenes and spending countless hours perfecting anything she can. She gives her opinion on anything when asked, and overall she has been consistently bettering the server.

    She's no longer in slack, but when you see her around make sure to congratulate her. Thanks for reading <3"

    At the start of the month, we’ll tally the votes of every person on the network that has voted and will order a list based on who has voted the most. The people who are in the top 3 will receive a gift card that can be used on any of our stores at any time until the credit is $0. The amount you receive will be determined by your position. Only the top 3 people will receive the prizes, but we’ll also show the top 5 total.

    #1 - Eternalise (67 total votes): $30
    #2 - DaddyDarveedo (53 total votes): $20
    #2 - _Xary_ (53 total votes): $20
    #3 - Poppa_ATL (51 total votes): $10
    #3 - Xcnix (51 total votes): $10
    #3 - gingercrafts (51 total votes): $10
    #4 - DanielMazo (47 total votes): Runner-up
    #4 - ytDatabaseError (47 total votes): Runner-up
    #5 - Itsway (46 total votes): Runner-up

    Unfortunately, due to a misconfiguration made last month that resulted in the top vote counts being disabled, we don't have voting data for January. This has since been enabled again and votes will be counted towards the next Month in Review.

    If you're in the top 3, then just send me a private message on the website!

    Congratulations to the top voters of the month! Be sure to get voting for your chance to be on the top for next month!

    You can vote here!

    With all that being said, that’s everything we have to share with you for now. If you liked this post, then please be sure to let us know!

    Thank you all for a great month, and we’ll see you in the next one!
    ~ NemeGaming Management ~
    Discord | Twitter
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  2. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    yes good job gwen on top voter xo
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  3. congratulations to the winners and top staff =)
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    *Clap clap* MONTH REVIEW
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    nice job everyone and congrats to red

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