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Month in Review | August 2018

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, Sep 2, 2018.

  1. NobleProductions

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    Hey everyone,

    It doesn’t seem like it’s been a whole month since we started this, but here we are. As a whole, August hasn’t seen many huge changes to the network, but you can be assured that this’ll be changing over the next couple months as we head into the Winter. Not much to mention in that regard as of yet, but I can guarantee it’ll be news to a lot of you. Anyway, let’s get into it!


    As with July, and as mentioned, August was quite light in the way of large additions and changes being made to the network.

    - Partial transactions were disabled in ChestShop due to an economy exploit which resulted in essentially infinite money.
    - When purchasing water or lava buckets from the GUI shop will no longer stack them on purchase; this had previously been a longstanding issue that would result in losing the stack when one was placed.

    - Added the FRAM role: This team’s responsibilities revolve around both moderating the forums, and handling player reports.

    - This month, KitPvP received its first reset just one day less than a year from when it was last reset.
    - Added Marriage back
    - Nerfed Knight from 60% damage reduction to 57.32%
    - Nerfed Archer's weapon damage from 5 to 4
    - Buffed YOLO's damage reduction from 32% to 40%
    - Buffed Scout's damage reduction from 52% to 56%
    - Buffed Pyro's damage reduction from 50.8% to 57.36%
    - Changed Pyro's weapon from a Stone Sword to a Sharpness 4 Fire Aspect 1 blaze rod (Same overall damage, then + fire damage)
    - Buffed Witch's damage reduction from 52% to 57.32%
    - Buffed Medic's damage reduction from 56% to 57.32%
    - Buffed Ninja's damage reduction from 40% to 44%
    - Buffed Butcher's damage reduction from 36% to 40%
    - Debuffed Prick's damage reduction from 44% to 36%
    - Buffed Prick's damage from 7.5 to 8.5 (Wood Sword Sharpness 2 -> Cactus Sharpness 6)
    - Only armour in the main arena will not take durability damage
    - You'll no longer be in combat upon death
    - Nerfed Ninja's damage from 8 to 7.5
    - Adjusted horizontal kb
    - Changed medic's potions to splash regeneration & drinkable instant health

    - We recently added our beta recruitment to Skyblock. If you’d like to participate in the beta testing for future features and resets of this server, then be sure to do /beta in game and apply!

    - Throughout July and the first half of August, Survival was in trouble which resulted in the server crashing quite often (up to several times a day) whilst everyone was online. Fortunately, we were able to isolate the issue and push a fix. Since then, the issue does appear to have been fixed. Should anything like this pop up again, then be sure to let us know as soon as possible!
    - A major point of contention was the addition of ClearLag. This was added as a last resort option due to major entity lag issues the server started facing relatively soon after the reset. To help alleviate this issue, we’ve added more overall warnings, and made them a lot clearer. When the automatic task runs, it will not clear important items (such as diamond tools), nor will it run in the spawn world (this will no longer affect drop parties if one is running at the time).
    - If you receive a spawner from the server (i.e. airdrop or black market), you’ll now instead receive an item that you can use to redeem the spawner. This fixes the issue of receiving a certain spawner type, only to have it revert to a default pig spawner.


    On top of the changes that have been made this month, we’ve also seen changes within the staff team, so let’s get right to the promotions!


    Junior Mod > Global Mod:

    Senior Mod > Admin:


    At the start of the month, a member of the staff team will receive “Staff of the Month” as an award of their exemplary work throughout the previous month. With that said, here’s some kind words from our lovely Staff Manager, @VanessaMoo!

    “SOTM this month is going to go to one of our most rounded staff members. He can be found doing almost anything and everything from being on four different teams and now co-running bart (feel free to message him regarding bart related items!) He's rather skilled with finding problems and working on a solution to fix them. Playtime on his part has been consistent and well above the required amount, and it's amazing how well he is able to manage good playtime while doing a lot of work on the teams. Sarge is an extremely fast learner, and he has definitely earned him position here. Congratulations to @Sarge135!

    Thanks for reading and be sure to congratulate him!”


    At the start of the month, we’ll tally the votes of every person on the network that has voted and will order a list based on who has voted the most. The people who are in the top 3 will receive a gift card that can be used on any of our stores at any time until the credit is $0. The amount you receive will be determined by your position. Only the top 3 people will receive the prizes, but we’ll also show the top 5 total.

    #1 - starwars9292 (105 total votes): $30
    #2 - JoeMomma76 (93 total votes): $20
    #3 - Pashobik (92 total votes): $5
    #3 - ytDatabaseError (92 total votes): $5
    #4 - Xcnix (90 total votes): Runner-up
    #5 - DarVeed (89 total votes): Runner-up​

    If you're in the top 3, then just send me a private message on the website!

    Congratulations to the top voters of the month! Be sure to get voting for your chance to be on the top for next month!

    You can vote here!


    With all that being said, that’s everything we have to share with you for now. If you liked this post, then please be sure to let us know!

    Thank you all for a great month, and we’ll see you in the next one!

    ~ The NemeGaming Management Team
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  2. DrPump

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    Amazing! Congrats to all the staff who got promoted!

    Also huge congrats to @Sarge135 I'm so happy for you <3
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  3. S4RG3

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    @DrPump Thanks man, appreciate it!
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  4. Kaylee_

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    thanks :>
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  5. JohnKid


    Congratulations to the staff promoted, and to the Staff of the Month! Also congrats to the top voters :)
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  6. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    nice one
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  7. Grace_Leece


    good job everyone
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  8. Evoids


    Congrats! you deserve it
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