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Discussion in 'Skyblock Discussion' started by Nexxie, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Nexxie


    So I was thinking. Drugwars and factions have well, factions. And that's really fun to play with. Anywho, I was thinking, we could add clans to Skyblock! Lemme explain before you punch me in the gut about it.

    What I was thinking was, it's kinda like a party, but that they have a smol tag with their name that's either green, for being in your clan, yellow for you're neutral, or allies, and red for you're enemies. And how this would work is you would have nearly the exact same commands as factions, but instead of /f , it'd be /c.

    Now, another thing I was thinking that this could benefit, is coop. You can still have coop others not in your clan, and coop in your clan. But, you clan wouldn't necessarily have free-run of your island. Say, they'd have special privileges that you choose they have, while enemies and normal people don't have those privileges. Say, I set my island settings to no pvp, you can breed animals but not kill them, and you can't do anything with crops. So, no enemy or normal player would be able to do, or not do what I set. But, say I set my clan island command to pvp, be able to breed and kill animals, and they can collect crops, just not jump break them. And maybe have ally commands, idk about that though.

    Another thought I had was wars. Say, me and my enemy clan was getting really angry with each other, and me and the leader, let's call them Bob, decided to start a war. It'd take us to a war island, and we could then choose what kit we want to battle with, and then starts the war, which would last, say an hour. We would only be able to invite one ally clan, and out clan members would be able to choose if they wanted to fight or not. There would also be a surrender command or button, that let one faction surrender, with a cost. What ever that cost would be, would be up to the leaders, as they would be the ones paying. Wether that be spawners, money, kit items, etc. Wars would benefiet, so no random person would be able to come in at /warp PvP and kill you when you're trying to war, or fight it out with someone.

    Another thing, that'd probably take too much work, would be clan islands, where all your clan can work on the island together, and what ever money you make on that island, is seperated evenly to the clan.

    It was just something I thought of while making taco soup, but I really like the idea. It'll probably take too much work, and a lot of plugins, but I thought it'd add a nice community and PvP aspect.

    ~<3 Nexxie
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  2. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    You know what else would be good with all these ideas and clans? KitPvP.

    And also Taco Soup? Link me recipe??
  3. Nexxie


    ;V; I wish I could link you recipe, me and my mom have it mesmerized.

    Also, I think that'd be fun. But I'm pretty sure Neme has Kit PvP, idk though
  4. Exotic

    New Member

    Neme has kitpvp /server kits
    I like your idea of having a clan however I think the whole clan system is over complicated and it takes away most of the original intention of the server-skyblock. Imagine clan battles everyday and skyblock turns into kitpvp on islands.
    Not disagreeing with your idea but downscaling it would be better :D gl
  5. Nexxie


    With what you said, clan battles everyday, possibly a timedown, like you could only have clan wars every so often. Idk though. It still does need a lot of work.
  6. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    Every day? That sounds like tons of pvp... Maybe twice a week you know? Or something like that...
  7. Nexxie


    Of course. I wasn't planning on having the wars be every day, because that'd be a lot of resources and time down the drain, and it'd get rid of the purpose of the wars in the first place.
  8. HaleYaGaming


    This is a very interesting idea but i don't know if it would work. still sounds cool.

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