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Massive OP Factions reset!

Discussion in 'News' started by Rasturize, Feb 28, 2018.

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  1. Rasturize

    Rasturize Staff Member Upper Manager BART ELI SAM

    Update: Unfortunately, between the making of this announcement and now, we've run into some slight issues that have required us to move the release date to Sunday, March 4th at 11:00 AM EST. We do appreciate that a lot of you had planned to be on here for the reset, however, we'd like to be able to deliver the best possible server for you, and we believe that for us to do that, this extra day is necessary.

    A short season of fighting, base building, and a race for the number one spot on Factions Top has made for a good few months. But now, change is upon us - without further ado, there will be a massive update to OP Factions, and a server reset!

    As I said the last time I made this announcement, a few months ago, OP Factions will always be one of my favorite servers on NemeGaming. It's filled with competitive players, hilarious moments and teamwork on epic proportions, which all makes for an amazing experience, playing alongside your friends and foes. For these reasons, I always get extremely excited when I get the chance to work more on OP Factions to help create new features, and improve on ones we already have. This update to the server will change the very fundamentals of how our Factions is played, and we're all extremely excited to see the response to the work we've put in. Let's get into the updates!

    Reset Date: Saturday, the 3rd of March at 11:00 AM EST

    Major Updates

    Raiding Overhaul

    This has been easily the most requested feature for OP Factions EVER, and I'm extremely pleased that we're able to make these changes. Cannons are BACK! The most essential part of raiding, which in the past has not worked due to many technical reasons, is now able to return to the server. This means bigger raids, more complex defenses, and a whole new dynamic to the factions world. To accompany this, we've added some smaller features to enhance your raiding experience. The main change here is a brand new WorldBorder system. This border is now a solid, transparent block, meaning any glitching involving borders is now impossible, and building your base alongside it will be a breeze, as you won't be thrown back when you step too close, just blocked. Another notable change is TNT filling. OP Factions already has this feature, but we've now updated it to be smoother and added a unique addition to it: TNT Un-filling. This means that after a long raid, you can simply un-fill your cannon, and not spend time gathering the TNT you used - great for massive cannons! The final change to raiding, that is needed if cannons are to succeed, is the removal of glitches. As of now, all known glitches have been patched.

    Custom Enchantments

    Although we updated custom enchants in the previous reset of OP Factions, we wanted to continue updating it to help provide the best PvP and play experience possible. We've tweaked many of the current custom enchants, and added new ones as well. Most notably, the Chunk Buster and ShockWave. We will be actively working on new ones over the course of the reset, along with new ones also.

    The following are obtainable from donations:
    The Chunk Buster is a one-time use enchantment, that is an amazing tool for clearing out space quickly and automatically. When you place this item down, it mines from your location to bedrock, clearing the entire chunk of land (16x16).
    ShockWave is a new custom enchantment that lets you mine large areas quickly. When applied to a tool, it lets you dig in a wider radius with just a single block broken.
    Below is a preview of these features:

    Factions Core changes

    Our core Factions plugin has remained mostly untouched for the last few updates, but this massive update brings a change to it too. To start, there is now a Factions Leveling system. This amazing update gives your Faction a level, which can be increased by your members' playtimes! With each level comes a new perk for your entire faction - activity is now even more rewarding! In addition, a completely unique Factions-themed Scoreboard has been added, displaying information in a more compact and pleasing way. This includes PvP timers, Enderpearl cooldowns, and KOTH information right on the scoreboard, only displayed when needed! The final change to the core is a revamped Factions Top leaderboard. This will show tons of information and has been optimized to run smoothly when collecting data.

    Event additions

    Factions currently has a handful of events, such as SupplyCrate drops, Drop Parties hosted by staff, and more. With this update, we've added tons of new ways to interact with the server, through new and exciting events! The first new event is Envoys. Similar to SupplyCrate drops, these chests fall from the sky near Spawn once every 6 hours (4 times a day), and contain lots of loot. I'm also extremely excited to announce this next event, a completely unique PvP-based event: CPS Dueling! This is as simple as it sounds; you challenge a player to beat your CPS (clicks per second) in a GUI-based interface. You have 10 seconds to get a higher CPS than your opponent, and your records are tracked by the server - compete to be the top of the leaderboard!

    Minor Updates

    Sizes & limitations:
    Overworld border - 10,000 x 10,000
    Nether border - 5,000 x 5,000
    End border - 4,000 x 4,000

    Faction size: 20 members
    Withers: disabled
    Specific cannoning rules will be defined later on in the season.

    Miscellaneous Changes:
    All new builds for each aspect of the server
    - You can now only access the nether through the warp, to disable portal glitching
    - Moving a shulker box into your virtual chests is now completely stopped (to prevent infinite storage)
    - Added /stuck with a 2-minute delay, this is now the only way to exit enemy territory
    - "Combat Loggers" have been added. This means that when you log out in combat, a villager spawns in your place to represent your last position
    - The overworld's bedrock floor is now completely flat
    - The /help menu has been completely remade
    - Automated broadcasts have been updated to reflect changes made in this post
    - When a piece of your armor is broken, you will be alerted in chat so you can replace it
    - KoTH has been updated with a better format, to stand out against chat
    - CoinFlip has been added! My apologies for the crazy delay <3
    - Added a short cooldown to eating God Apples
    - You can now only use flares in your own territory, to prevent glitching
    - TNT explosions are now silent, making raiding more stealthy
    - Water no longer breaks redstone wiring

    To conclude this massive update, I'd like to thank every player and faction for joining us this short season, and express how excited I am to see the future of OP Factions - it looks bright!

    Before the end of this post, there's one last thing everyone has been waiting for...

    The F-Top Winners

    As this reset comes to a close, we must select a faction to win the F-Top reward! This faction will be selected at 4PM EST, this friday before the reset. Good luck to all!

    Wow, what an update! As I say many times through these posts, thank you so much for being a part of this amazing server, and the NemeGaming network. Without you, the players, we would never succeed like we have, and we're continually working hard to improve our network to make it the best possible place to play - we can't wait to see you on the Faction battlefield this coming season!

    ~ Rasturize & The NemeGaming Staff Team

    As I did in the previous OP Factions reset post, I want to shout out some outstanding players & staff who have helped me make this update the best it can be - thank you so much guys. I know it's been a long run to get this update out, but I really do hope you enjoy <3

    Thank you also to everyone who submitted a glitch to my post earlier, this was a huge help in identifying glitch methods and patching them.

    And of course, to my partners in crime @NobleProductions and @nedthefed ;)
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  2. DrPump


    I've been waiting so long for this! Thank you!!!
  3. loopey


    Cant wait, this is going to be awesome!
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  4. Anti


    Finally a reset!
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  5. Nickxz14900


    /kit reset??? but YESSS VUBICVBIUS SO HAppy. This reset will be the most lit reset. love it love it all. Okay my only question is glitching allowed now?
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  6. Rasturize

    Rasturize Staff Member Upper Manager BART ELI SAM

    Glitching has been patched. If any new methods of glitching are discovered, we will work to prevent them asap.
  7. sebastian


    cant wait atleast a better timing then last reset
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  8. Nickxz14900


    so its not bannable just they have to found new ways to do it is that right?
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  9. Rasturize

    Rasturize Staff Member Upper Manager BART ELI SAM

    It's not bannable, but we'll be working to prevent glitching when possible.
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  10. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    nice nice
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  11. PerchedPelican


    Hype !
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  12. TheShortPerson

    TheShortPerson Staff Member Sr. Mod BART ELI

    I cannot wait for this reset. For me, it could not have been timed any better, as I come off leave on 3/3 and the reset is on 3/3. I am glad to say that I contributed:

    I'll see all of you on the server this season. A great one is in store!
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  13. Cakke_


  14. WhiteThornRose


    Finally a Reset. @Rasturize are bows buffed this time because that's the only thing I am worried about.
  15. Defts//Nar


    Sweet I just learned how to drag click that CPS challenge thing is going to be cake ;)
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  16. Rasturize

    Rasturize Staff Member Upper Manager BART ELI SAM

    Rose you don't miss anyways lol

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  17. Cakke_


    idk about that :)
  18. Defts//Nar


    frik off I meant a different kind of cake
  19. DrAwesome821


    might actually consider coming back and being america's #23 keyboard warrior
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 28, 2018 ---
    im actually serious. if this reset is as good as you guys say it's gonna be, i'll come back full force.
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  20. Palabow


    Yay! The new reset is going to look so dope, can't wait! :p
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