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Massive FPS lag on my island

Discussion in 'Skyblock Discussion' started by Tokao, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Tokao

    New Member

    For the past few weeks ive been getting less than 10 fps on the most part of my island. Ik it isnt just me either as when other people TP over they suffer the fps loss too. Ik its not my redstone circuits, as the lag originated with the many hundreds of vote planes that were stuck on my island. although the vote planes are no longer there, it seems that they are just invisible sometimes. as i can remember where they were and inside those hotboxes i couldnt break or place blocks unless i was at a certain angle outside the hitbox of the vote plane. Im not sure why but i also see heaps of armor stands just appearing and disappearing around my is. Its not like the redstone torch glitch were it just disappears. Ever since the vote planes disappeared, the armor stands have taken their place and i have no idea what to do since my island is basically off limits to myself even, since i can barely do anything. Can any1 please help me?
  2. PredatorCookie


    I've been on your island Tokao & I do agree with this, the lag is pretty extreme. I hope that this gets fixed soon bud. :)
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  3. NotOkay

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    @Lew_ @Rasturize could possibly be able to help, hopefully they do. Is it an issue with spawners? (if you have any)
    Ah yes, after reading the post again, it seems that the armor stands that work the vote planes (replaced with ender dragons) have possibly gotten stuck due to the change of the airdrop.
  4. Tokao

    New Member

    nah, i have yet to place a single spawner down on my island
  5. Tokao

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  6. Tokao

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    can some1 please fix my island -.-
  7. nedthefed

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  8. Tokao

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    Thanks c:

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