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Lyf Recruitment

Discussion in 'Factions Recruitment' started by minecraftking786, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. minecraftking786

    minecraftking786 New Member

    We are a faction just starting out and we are quite professional at factions but any type of player is invited as long as they don't leave a lot, are DECENT ie good pvp, good raiding etc you can be really good at raiding but not good at pvp anything, you can be good at everything or you can specialize in one category, if you are interested please fill in this application form please!

    In Game Name:
    PvP Skills (1-10):
    Base Building Skills (1-10):
    Raiding/Cannoning Skills (1-10):
    What Will You Bring For Us:
    Any Alts:
    Current Power (Optional But Recommended):
  2. NotOkay

    NotOkay Veteran

    I'll make an application even though I don't play factions yet (didn't buy a rank there)

    I will bring great grammar and much sarcasm, but with jokes out of the way... Money, resources, and more.
    Yes, one. (abstractdark)
  3. minecraftking786

    minecraftking786 New Member

    Accepted, But if you are not a help, i will be sorry but i will have to kick you

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