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Discussion in 'KitPvP Discussion' started by iiDeath, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. iiDeath

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    Ok first of all the new kits reset is horrible, have of the kits u have to get with getting kills and on the leader board u cant see how many kills people have, then u don't get gaps which is hard because when u get a kill and your at low health u get reg that fast so then they kill you. Besides most of the kits are crap like i want the old kits back like butcher, warrior and donor. But I would like to have the old kits back with butcher kit and everything and the same map all the other donor agreed with me we were all talking about it so staff please bring the other kits back!
  2. Tanntrix

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  3. iiDeath

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  4. WhiteThornRose


    Death Freddy state your mind. Get use to this map.
  5. NotOkay

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    Lol. Not every single donor agreed with you, and it probably wouldn't even matter. Ned put time into this reset, and you should be happy that kits isn't getting neglected like it used to. I suggest that you get over the fact that getting kills isn't an easy three clicks anymore. it's much more fun this way too.

    I don't get what you're trying to say here
    being fixed in an update soon
    No, No, and No. as i said earlier in my reply, you have to get over it. Kits changed many many times, and kits come and go. I highly doubt they will be coming back.

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