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KitPvP has now reset!

Discussion in 'News' started by Rasturize, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. Rasturize

    Rasturize Staff Member Upper Manager BART ELI SAM

    Hey everyone,

    Although many of our servers reset frequently and on a set schedule, one of our servers is unique in this aspect and takes extra time for us to work on. It’s finally time for a KitPvP reset! This means a new map, new features, and more!

    Upon reset, the following will not be transferred:
    - In-game currency
    - All statistics
    - Kit upgrades

    As usual, the following will be transferred:
    - Paid donor ranks

    A major change coming to KitPvP will be in terms of server performance. Since the server is purely focused on PvP and nothing else, we wanted to make sure you get the smoothest PvP experience possible on KitPvP. The main change to this section is that the ENTIRE server has been moved to native 1.8.8. This means that instead of the server being on 1.12.2 and downgrading for lower versions, we’re choosing to support 1.8 fully and upgrade to 1.12.2 (and above). We’ve spent hours working with many players from our Beta Testing program to optimize the knockback, hit detection, and potion registration. These three things have been drastically improved to provide a much better-feeling PvP experience. In addition, these features are now processed asynchronously, and the server has been upgraded to run much more smoothly for players with any connection.

    Around 3 months ago, we started to implement Events back into Neme with the help of our ELI team. KitPvP has received lots of attention from events and this reset will reflect that.

    The most notable change in this regard is KoTH (King of the Hill). This event is run automatically every day at 5PM EST. The goal of this event is to not be knocked from the Hill of the arena. If you hold the Hill for one minute without being knocked, you are rewarded with $2,000! Players participating in the KoTH will also receive a Resistance potion effect, so that they are able to PvP for longer while in the arena.

    Sumo & Tournament
    These two beloved event types haven’t changed too much, but they have both received two new arenas each! These events usually run every day, and rotate through maps so be sure to check them out!

    KitPvP currently lacks any form of reward system, other than regular money. We wanted to add a new and fun way to earn rewards on KitPvP, so we’ve decided to add Crates! Just like our other servers, you can gain Keys from various activities around the server, and use these keys to unlock rewards from a crate. Currently, we’ll be adding the following crates: Vote, VoteParty, KillStreak and Neme. The only crate that will be purchasable from the Buycraft store is the Neme Crate, and will be balanced as to not cause any major unfair advantage. From these crates, you can win all kinds of cool things such as Money Pouches, Special Access Kits, Experience, and more.

    Levelling System
    Your level will be displayed on the scoreboard & in front of your rank, you gain levels by upgrading kits. Levels are useful because your income per kill is increased by a small amount per level. this is to encourage upgrading all kits rather than only the high damage kits.

    A heavily requested feature is dueling. Test your skill against another player in a completely fair and even playing field! We’ve imported many of our own Practice PvP maps to KitPvP for this feature, and added the ability for you to duel others with a variety of different kits. But we didn’t stop there! We’ve also added an ELO rating system, with a leaderboard included so you can show off your dueling skills! You also have the ability to spectate your friends while they duel. Check these out with /duel and /spectate respectively.

    Scoreboard Revamp
    As KitPvP is a PvP-based server, we wanted to keep the scoreboard out of the way and full of needed information. We’ve removed the Leaderboard section from the scoreboard, instead of keeping it in spawn, and replaced it with a beautifully designed scoreboard that works with our KoTH event. When a KoTH is live, you will be able to see the duration remaining, as well as the current player capturing the KoTH.

    Kit Changes
    All kits have been completely reworked, categorized and the selection is currently condensed to 13 kits. This rework has mostly consisted of increasing the length of fights on the server.

    Standard kits (Average Armour, Average Damage):
    • Archer
    • Knight
    • YOLO
    Potion (effect) based kits (Below Average Armour, Average Damage):
    • Spy
    • Scout
    • Pyro
    Potion (useable) based kits (Average Armour, Average Damage, Potions):
    • Witch
    • Medic
    Damage kits (Low Armour, Great Damage):
    • Ninja
    • Butcher
    • Prick
    Tank Kits (Low Damage, Great Armour):
    • Snowman
    • Juggernaut
    To keep things more balanced, non-donor players will get access to at least one kit from each category, and the first two donor ranks will unlock more kits. This should mean donors get more variety, but no inherent advantage in combat.

    Bedrock Rank
    As with our other servers, we’re updating and adding new donation ranks to KitPvP. Since KitPvP only has two ranks, we’ve added the Bedrock rank to the lineup with some amazing new cosmetic features. This rank will not offer any in-game advantages (no new kits), but will allow you to access plenty of new features to enhance your gameplay -- for all of our true KitPvP lovers! These features include: hosting your own Sumo & Tournament events, access to all-new emotes, a special prefix in-game, and more!

    EXP and Money based Perks
    Money based perks will be tiered, allowing you to customize how your PvP experience plays out via spending money in different areas. Currently, these perks are planned:
    • Paladin - Regeneration 1 after every kill for X amount of time
    • Tank - Resistance 1 after every kill for X amount of time
    • Banker - Increased money on kill
    • Gold Digger - % chance to earn a golden apple on kill
    • Wizard - Increased XP per kill
    All of these will start off low but will increase with the more money spent.

    XP based perks are the same, except use XP & can’t be upgraded - they’re unlocked by spending XP (which is earned by killing)

    As a lot of the newer features were added in the revamp, minor features and changes have taken precedence in this reset, with more major features planned down the line. But what minor features and changes have been made?
    • Tablist and Display names have been updated with our new formatting.
    • The unique join count has been added to welcome messages for new players.
    • Fixed protocol invisibility (players in specific versions could see invisible players)
    • Fixed an issue where certain clients ToggleSprint was acting strange.
    • Added Kill Assists. If you deal a high enough amount of damage to another player, you are counted as an Assist, which means you get some money for that damage.
    KitPvP will be resetting Friday, August 10th between 1:00PM EST and 2:00PM EST!

    Before I end off this post, I want to give a huge thank you to the entire KitPvP BETA testing team! Specifically @Curisol, Kiooo, @voicechat, @Cixes, Dakterras and Shyonia for being a massive help with testing out these new features and spending hours of their own time on improving KitPvP. I’d also like to thank the Saphire build team and @dangerzonepro & @Laurem for building the new map and arenas respectively.

    Thanks for reading,

    ~ The NemeGaming Staff Team
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  2. loopey


    Hell ye brother
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    I cannot wait! It sounds amazing <3
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  4. IWorkOnAField


    Sounds good tbh now nons cant complain about our kits being op even though I just use non donor kits xD
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  5. YoloPhroYo


    Now I have to get myself unbanned o_O
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  6. 2DLoli


    I was smiling in exitement the whole time while reading this. Looks great! Can't wait!
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  7. NotOkay

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    hello yes
  8. WhiteThornRose


    So is bow buffed? So I have a reason to get on.
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  9. Curisol


    I can personally attest that the new knockback, hitreg, and pretty much every aspect of the server is improved with the updates. I have no doubt that the server will be revived and will likely get a lot more players from the reset. I can't wait, I hope to see a lot of familiar and maybe some older faces there on the 10th.
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    Bro leave
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    how much is Obby to Bedrock? really should drop the price to us before it releases
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    Cant wait to get killed on the new map! Super hyped xD
  14. Myzzelf

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    Sounds great :)
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  15. sebastian

    sebastian Insight Team

    finally so excited to see the new reset.
  16. The_Grind


    I’m very excited for it, but I wont be able to get on for the reset rip.
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    Good we dont want u on :> <3
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    That is cold.
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    Okay, now THIS is what i call an update! :sunglasses:
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  20. Rasturize

    Rasturize Staff Member Upper Manager BART ELI SAM

    Forgot to add a few things, couple new things to check out at the end!
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