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KitPvP has now reset!

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Upper Manager

    Hey everyone,

    It’s been a long while since KitPvP has been in the spotlight. In fact, some servers have had two entire resets since we were last able to focus specifically on this server. So this time around, we have been able to focus more of our time onto KitPvP and give it the treatment it has needed for quite a while. So without further ado, let’s get into it:

    Upon reset, the following will not be transferred:
    - KitPvP map
    - All KitPvP statistics (kills, deaths, etc)
    - Any kit upgrades
    - All in-game currency

    The following will be transferred:
    - Paid donor ranks
    - PracticePvP statistics

    As you can see above, and in the title, there is a big change coming to KitPvP. Upon the reset, you will notice that PracticePvP will be available directly through KitPvP. This is a major decision that we made in order to help support Practice, and allow for more flexibility in what we can do with it.

    Some key features to these updates are:
    - Completely new and re-designed map
    - Full 1.7-1.12 support, with 1.8 PvP
    - Practice will remain as-is, but will instead be within the KitPvP environment
    - Spawn into KitPvP with the ability to join Practice just as you can on the current server
    - All new kits setup, with improved balancing and more options for all ranks

    On top of this merge with PracticePvP, KitPvP has also received some big changes to how it works.

    Firstly, we now keep track of how much damage you do to a player, so even if you don’t end up killing them but you did the most damage prior to their death, you will receive an assist plus a shared reward for it. In order to qualify for an assist however, you must deal a specific minimum amount of damage, otherwise you will not be rewarded.

    Secondly, on top of killstreaks, we now have what we like to call “Milestones”. These are used to keep track of certain statistics. For release, we will specifically be tracking kills, but this can be extended later to various other statistics. The milestone system works in the same style that killstreaks work, in that you receive certain buffs for reaching x milestone.

    Lastly, and arguably the biggest change to KitPvP is the addition of kit types. Currently, there are only two types of kits: free, and donor. With this reset, we have changed how this works, and instead, there are several layers to kits.
    • Free
      • Same as the current free kits
      • Unlimited usage
    • Donor
      • Can cost in-game money to use
      • Has a timed cooldown
    • Cooldown
      • Anyone can use if they have the money for it
      • Costs in-game money to use
      • Has a timed cooldown
    These are just some of the major changes we have coming to KitPvP this reset. We expect to have more changes coming in the near future to expand on the gamemode that only make it better, so stay tuned for that. As for the reset, this will be occurring on Friday, August 11th between 8AM - 9AM EST.

    Thanks for reading, see you on the reset!

    ~ The NemeGaming Staff Team
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  2. creeperalf2004


    Yay kitpvp reset! Can't wait to play!
  3. Talcs

    Talcs Staff Member Mod ISAAC ELI

    I remember when I was told of this a couple weeks back #hype, and I love how this is a sort of mix with the NC kitpvp. This will be so much fun ^-^
  4. Henaliest


    Sounds like fun! Time to grind!
  5. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    so top killers won't be getting a special prefix? rip :/


    Funny my man, grinding is my job

    EDIT: Question. is top kills still a thing? if yes, is there only a command to see it? (like /killtop or topkills) Once you get on the top kills board, the server becomes boring and there is no point in playing.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2017
  6. WhiteThornRose


    So anyone here gonna show me the class mainly for bows to see any changes from this? I have a feeling this is self build kits which sounds good aswell.
  7. YoloPhroYo

    New Member

    No more spamming butcher class... can't wait for reset!
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  8. Red_Five


    Will there be Leaderboards like top kills weekly and monthly? That would be cool for those that don't play as much but still do good later on after the reset :D
  9. creeperalf2004


  10. Henaliest


  11. Talcs

    Talcs Staff Member Mod ISAAC ELI

    He posted that 15 minutes after, and they started resetting it 10 minutes after that, so everything is fine.
  12. Henaliest


    oh ok ;p
  13. Akkli

    New Member

    Looking forwards to it.
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