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January 9th 2017

Discussion in 'Changelog' started by NobleProductions, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Upper Manager

    - New website!
    - Stopped player profile descriptions from showing in staff list
    - Implemented Introductions & Farewells forum
    - Configured the home page "Recent Threads" module to only show threads from the proper forums
    - Made it so a user has to be registered for over a day before they can apply for staff

    - Fixed issue with opening chests while moving
    - Improved automatic advertisement detection
    - Mutes now prevent people from talking in f chat etc.
    - Mutes now prevent people from placing signs (except for shops)
    - Mutes now prevent people from editing books
    - The first hacking offense is now 7 days (rather than 2 days)

    - Replaced grappling hook with teleport bow
    - Removed Christmas build

    - Fixed golden apples
    - Implemented Temporary (but slightly more permanent fix) to golden apples

    - Fixed a hole that players could get trapped in around the map on Arenaria
    - Fixed a hole in each spawn that players could get trapped in on Arenaria
    - Reduced map border on Bayou v2.0 to prevent players building to regular terrain
    - Prevented building around all bomb sites on all Sabotage maps
    - Added new MineSiege map, Frostbite
    - Fixed an issue where players couldn't place blocks on Bayou v2.0
    - Added no-build areas outside both spawns on Arenaria

    OP Factions:
    - Updated /ranks
    - Updated /ce page command
    - Removed Christmas Spawn
    - Re-Added the rewards for level 3 lucky mining
    - Centred line on scoreboard

    - Golden apples have been reverted. This now makes them consumable again
    - Removed Christmas Spawn
    - Fixed exit glitch on all Z mines and Bedrock donor mines
    - Fixed exit glitch via PvP area
    - Added a broadcast in regards to Bedrock Donor mines

    - Implemented per-island limit of 800 hoppers. This will solve the current lag issues
    - Made coal blocks sell-able with /sell
    - Added /hopperamt command
    - Removed Christmas Spawn
    - Fixed mob grinders so the following damage types now also kill the full mob stack:
    - FIRE
    - LAVA
    - Fixed a bug with droppers, and fixed /hopperamt
    - Added a preventative measure to stop players from teleporting into the parkour
    - Fixed /ignore
    - Fixed double suffixes in chat
    - Fixed /msg requiring captcha

    As always, more changes will be posted as the week progresses.
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