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Discussion in 'Factions Recruitment' started by Nexxie, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Nexxie


    Hiya, Nexxie here. My faction, JadedFangs, consiting of me, is looking for players. We currently have no spot claimed, but hopes to have one soon. Please fill out the form below <3

    In-game name:
    How good at farming are you (1-10):
    How good at pvp (1-10) (Don't worry if you're bad, that'll just mean you'd do more base and farm work):
    How trustable:
    Donor rank? If any, put what rank:
    In-game rank:
    Any previous factions? If none, leave blank:
    Discord/Skype? (This may or may not be required):
    How long have you played drugwars? (doesn't have to be just this server):
  2. DiamondCpt


    IGN: diamondcpt
    Playtime: 123 hours
    Farming skills 1-10: 7
    PvP skills: 9 (I have the most kills in kitpvp)
    Trustworthy: for sure !
    Donor rank: Titan
    IG Rank: GodFather (I think, didn't check)
    Past factions: GeNeCiDe, GODS, ProNoobs.
    Discord: diamondcpt Skype: very.cool11
    How long you've been playing drug wars: like 1 year ago I found the server

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