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Discussion in 'Skyblock Discussion' started by Jonas Lasater, May 6, 2019.

  1. Jonas Lasater

    Jonas Lasater

    IGN: _HIYA_
    Hello everyone.

    Last reset, I was a daily player on Neme's skyblock server. It was my go to place on bad days to be greeted by some of the best people ever, and it gave me a reason to keep my head held high. I recently decided to give skyblock another go (since I had quit after the reset) and I was baffled at the amount of changes done to the server. Upon starting my new island I found it near impossible to make money without using my donor perms. I understand that donor ranks are supposed to allow the user to have an "easier" experience when starting but, when /rankredeem gives a free $750,000 to premium ranks it becomes a little ridiculous. I believe that this server has started to cash out. When was the last time you saw someone without a donor rank stay on the server for a long period of time? The server consists of the veterans that have been on for multiple resets and the new players that decided to buy a rank so that they could afford a block of dirt. ($40k) I tried going to the online staff with my inquiry and their reasoning was, "If dirt and sand were cheaper, then players would get bored". The only problem with that is, new players will quit almost instantly; causing the server to lose more players than it already has. I gave an idea to have resets over time and to revert the prices back. This would solve both problems of, the dwindling player count, and the boredom of the veterans. I think you guys have stopped caring about the playerbase and have looked only towards the money before the server inevitably dies. I care about this server a lot but I cant anymore. When there are 3 staff members that are not open to new ideas or any criticism the server starts to lose its reputation. I did really enjoy playing on this server but I am very disappointed with my experience on the server recently.
  2. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    Staff don't have the inherent power to force change on the server, they can only explain why x is this and y is that. We have the suggestions forum for this specific thing that's routinely reviewed by our suggestions team whom then forward the suggestion to those of us that can bring that change.

    You're free to assume that we're only trying to milk the server for all it's worth, but I can tell you that's far from what we go for with this. Whether you believe what I say is up to you, but I know where my intentions lie with this server, and it's not just sitting back just trying to milk what's left.

    If you do genuinely think we've stopped caring, feel free to speak to the Insights members we speak to regularly about things we can do to improve and change the server for the better (most notable for Skyblock, @BritishBear, @LexieLeigh, @NotOkay).

    We're more than open to changing the server, more specifically making Skyblock less OP which yes, has definitely gotten boring over time. From November's reset, we've been working towards adding more depth and difficulty to the server, but it isn't something we can or could just do overnight because it'd be far too drastic too quickly.

    I'm not here to convince you to stay, that's entirely up to you whether you do or don't, all I can do is tell you our side on it.
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  3. Rasturize

    Rasturize VIP

    This basically sums my thoughts up as well, but to be a little more specific:
    - About dirt, you can also receive it for voting as a pretty common reward, which is a free action anyone can do. Drop parties are also a great way to get some of the higher tier items, and we generally try to host a drop party every week or so to give new players a little boost.
    - When it comes to a lack of new players, you're right - we do have a more dedicated and less fluctuating player base, which is both good and bad. We're working on increasing our new players and keeping old ones happy, but this does take time as it's a large balancing act.

    Finally, a large reason we've been paying a little less attention to Skyblock is Survival's recent release. Of course, this doesn't mean we plan to abandon Skyblock in any way at all, we simply try to dedicate time and resources where we think they're needed. On this topic, I'll be pushing a rather large update to Skyblock soon, so be sure to at least come check it out once the announcement is out. Feel free to send your comments/concerns our way! <3
  4. LexieLeigh


    Well if my word means anything to you, I can assure you they really do care about the server. I myself have gone on a few rants to them about the server. I was proved they do care each time. If you'd rather see the server have changes done, then suggest them to me on Discord - LexieLeigh#0007. I'd love to here what you have to say.
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  5. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    I actually “worked” with @Rasturize and @davidnutt10 and suggested some newer features be brought over and (now) added!

    As Lexie basically said, management does care about their server. they aren’t milking it. that’s for sure. I’d much rather have you message ME on discord so that i look like i’m good at my job! (NotOkay#2904)

    skyblock on neme has a bright future.
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  6. Jonas Lasater

    Jonas Lasater

    Thanks for the replies. I'll watch the forums for announcements.
  7. Shellshocker


    well if you quit skyblock you should play survival its really fun
  8. TragicallyRaine


    Even survival is getting kinda bad with a whole bunch of players who seek reactions out of people by calling them noobs and no ranks (when they in fact do have a rank)

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