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i just got ban plz help

Discussion in 'Network Discussions' started by emeraldarmy2000, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. emeraldarmy2000

    New Member

    I was afking at my afk fish farm with 2 accounts on. one for the farm and second is for my melon farm. I was afk for 2 hours watching a movie then I come back on my pc and I see that I been ban for no reason. I was just afk no one was home to some how get a hack client and play but I don't own a hack client. I was false banned and I would NEVER EVER hack on this server. I was just also getting a bedrock rank in 1 week. I also have a rank on skyblock. its a masters rank and I would never hack bec that is just a waste of money then. plz someone tell me why I was ban.... it said ban evading but I don't have a client to hack on. I want to plx get unban bec I would never hack and I go and play on this server EVERYDAY. plz msg me back and tell me why? and I got banned well on the survival server. ;(
  2. emeraldarmy2000

    New Member

    my ign for my accounts are. midnight_mikey with the skyblock masters rank and emeraldarmy with no rank but its my main on the survival server
  3. NotOkay

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    Hello! Don't worry about your ban. If you haven't already, make a ban appeal as soon as possible with the link I'm going to provide you at the end of this response. In the appeal, I suggest you describe exactly how you left your player and what you believe caused your false ban to happen. Best of luck to you!
  4. SlushyKazoo

    New Member

    As he said id post a ban appeal. This is not the place for this. Got to read man.


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