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How To AFK Mine (Windows I-Want-To-Do-Other-Things Edition)

Discussion in 'Skyblock Discussion' started by JamesBoxers, Dec 7, 2017.

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  1. JamesBoxers


    Welcome to my incredibly shitty tutorial about how to AFK mine and actually use your computer to do other things because your mouse isn't being pinned down by the rock, or Dwayne Johnson, whichever your preferred weight to pin things down is.

    First things first, if you're not on Windows 7, I can't guarantee everything in this tutorial will work flawlessly. Also most of this will also depend on default configuration for hotkeys. I will, however, still account for the each hotkey represents versus referring to simple keystrokes.

    First thing you'll need is to preset your client to the acceptable conditions to permit where you wish to AFK mine. You'll need to modify your client through the debug options to disable "Pause on lost focus." Lost focus refers to the condition in where you lose your mouse focus to the client, ie. forcefully removed by another application, tabbing to another window, clicking off the window, etc. This debug option, enabled by default, will cause your client to automatically pause your game (hotkey Esc) if you should lose focus on your client. To disable this option, you'll need to press the keys F3 + P. The following message should appear in your chat box after the hotkeys have been pressed.
    This will be the primary condition to allow you to continue to use other applications while AFK mining on your computer.

    First, you will need to position yourself appropriately within the proper cobblestone generator to begin mining your ores. You'll want a position that won't risk breaking parts of the generator when focus changes back to your client. I'd strongly suggest building the housing of your generators with wood along with covering hoppers with half-slabs of wood to protect them as well as permit items to pass through to the hopper.

    Second, toggle your full-screen mode with the hotkey F11. While your client is full screened, depress the appropriate keys you wish to have "held" during the AFK operation. This typically includes just the break block hotkey (Left Mouse Button), but few also hold place block hotkey (Right Mouse Button) for activating Super Breaker when available or directional movement keys to force the player to stay against a certain position while mining. Now with the appropriate keys held, toggle full-screen off with the hotkey F11, and immediately when the hotkey F11 is depressed, release all other hotkeys you wish to stay held during your AFK mine.

    If all is done right, the keys you held during the full-screen mode should remain active until you activate the key again, ie. left click, right click, etc. If you're successfully mining blocks, take a moment to double check and properly position your cursor where you wish to mine. Avoid pressing any of the hotkeys you want held during this setup or else you'll need to start over again from the second (full-screen) step. When your character is set to mine properly, then comes the final step.

    Tabbing out of your window. This will need to be strictly done first by key presses and not by attempting to move the cursor out of your window. The easiest common way to change your active window is to use Alt + Tab. Another option for window users is Windows Key + Tab to view panels of the windows. Be sure to keep Alt/Windows Key depressed until you come to the desired window. Release both keys and your client should now have it's focus dropped to the back and your selected window placed in the forefront. If the first step was properly set, your client should not be paused and will continue mining.

    Take this opportunity now to pat yourself on the back and have fun doing other things with your computer while your character continues to mine. Be cautious though, if you should click anywhere within your Minecraft window, your cursor position in the client will change dramatically in an instant and you'll be focused on the Minecraft window once more. Depress the hotkeys you have set before to release them once more and restart from the full-screen step to set-up your client again. Be sure to check for any potential damages to your generator from refocusing on the window beforehand.

    This same setup can be used for other various tasks which require keys to be depressed for prolonged periods of time. This can include tasks such as long distance walking/boating/swimming, continuous block placement, farming plants, etc.

    Like, comment, and subscribe for more shitty tutorials every 6 months by yours truly. If you have any suggestions, tips, or questions about this tutorial, just leave a message below and I'll comment back to you if I have the chance... or if I care, I love you either way. Take care and happy mining.
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  2. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    Fantastic guide, would’ve been useful if eri didn’t blatantly tell me what to do after seven failed attempts...

    this is why we need a guide forum :thinking:
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  3. JamesBoxers


    Guide forum would be fun, but who knows what kind of guides will end up there. Hate it if it was just people reposting information off of the wiki or youtube. I'd generally avoid posting things about Minecraft. But instead, about things specific to the server, ie. sorters, farms with the server's plug-ins, commands, etc.
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  4. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    Definitely think this would be a good addition to the forums, namely Neme-specific guides; perhaps a moderated forum that has to be approved by staff/management?

    As expected though, great tutorial.
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  5. LucidMusic


    Nice stuff seems pretty decent!!!!
  6. CallMeNap


    Hi im new member here
    If the second method fail Press ALT + F3 + T At the same time while you hold left mouse button (It should refresh your resource pack) While loading resource pack keep holding your mouse button,then if the loading sreen bar almost finish Release your hand from mouse button then if its work Then you can do another job

    (If server at you playing at have custom enchantment plugin Try to find this enchantment ABIDING I it should make your pickaxe unbreakable)

    It will do like this While you do another task
    Screenshot 04_08_2020 11_12_59 - Copy.png
  7. ColoColoMan


    This thread is almost 3 years old lol...
  8. ImDerpiee


    mm i love the smell of dead neme forums
  9. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Community Manager Admin ISAAC ELI

    The person responding had a valid reason to do it, they were giving more advice on this post. They are not breaking any rules due to this reason.
  10. ColoColoMan


    Never said it wasn't valid but just wanted to let that person know this thread is almost 3 years old lol

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