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Hello! I am Seth! :D

Discussion in 'Introductions & Farewells' started by SethTheSquirrel, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. SethTheSquirrel

    SethTheSquirrel New Member

    Hello, as in the forum name I am Seth, I am from noble-craft and I'm new here, forums are quite similar. Anyway nice meeting you, I will probably be playing skyblock! I'll see you there

    Oh and to any staff out there I was champion on Noble-Craft, so with rank transfers
    I don't really still know exactly how that works.
    But yeah I had champion.
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  2. SethTheSquirrel

    SethTheSquirrel New Member

    OH AND!!! You know how there is a sale rn for like 80% or something.. can I get my rank now to where I get that because its in comparison..
  3. NotOkay

    NotOkay Veteran

    Hey! Welcome to nemesis!! We hope you enjoy your time here. If have any questions or need help with anything, ask around the community or ask a staff member.
  4. loopey

    loopey Experienced

    Welcome Sethy, hope to make more memories here as well!c;
  5. Wolff // Dolor

    Wolff // Dolor New Member

    Welcome to Nemegaming Seth!! :D Its a great time here. I'm sure you will have fun!! Bye! :D
  6. nedthefed

    nedthefed Staff Member Staff Manager

    Noble Craft*
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  7. Rasturize / Connor

    Rasturize / Connor Staff Member Manager

    Welcome to Neme! :D
  8. HaleYaGaming

    HaleYaGaming Experienced

    Welcome to NeMe. you can come visit my island any time you would like.
    /is warp Mr_HaleYa
  9. babyplatypus19

    babyplatypus19 Experienced

    Hi seth, if you have any questions about skyblock here Im the one to ask!
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  10. Nexxie

    Nexxie Veteran

    I'm kinda late on the Welcome train, but welcome! I hope you enjoy Neme.

    I hope you can handle our Skyblock player's insaness ;)
  11. Jman

    Jman Staff Member Manager

    Hello there! Hope you are enjoying neme, also moving this thread to the introductions sub-forum as it really belongs there.

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