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Future Survival Resets

Discussion in 'Survival Discussion' started by NobleProductions, Dec 13, 2018.

Reduce lifespan of Survival from ~12 months to ~8 months

Poll closed Dec 20, 2018.
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  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    Hey everyone,

    This post is to get your opinion on something we've been discussing internally for a while now, and we've come to the conclusion that this is something we need a general opinion on due to the nature of it.

    To preface this, by no means is the result of this poll final, nor is it indicative of what we'll be doing after it has ended.

    So currently Survival resets once roughly every ~12 months. While this isn't out of the ordinary for survival-based servers, it's extremely out of the ordinary for a Neme server. That in and of itself isn't an issue, however. What we would like to do is shorten that lifespan from ~12 months to around 8 months. Our reason for this is simple: throughout the year, we make some big changes to our servers during resets. What tends to happen a lot of the time is that these big changes will be made to the other servers, but not Survival. These changes usually require resets in order to be able to be implemented, meaning changes that were added half a year ago to every other server can't be added to Survival until several months after.

    Going from ~12 months to ~8 months, while still longer than all of Neme's current servers' lifespan, is a lot shorter than it currently is. It simply allows us to do more in less time with the server which in turn allows for a better overall experience throughout the lifespan of the server rather than becoming stagnant over an entire year while every other server receives major quality of life changes over the multiple resets that happen in that time.

    Make sure to let us know in the poll above whether you agree with the proposed changes or not.

    We're always looking for feedback, so be sure to let us know anything else about Survival regarding future updates and the frequency of them here.
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  2. babyplatypus19


    I always like the idea of quicker resets (To a point). I think this is a good move for surival because I remember I played the first map of it and had a great time but eventually quit because it felt like it was taking FOREVER to reset.
  3. Cyndalavosion


    On another server I play, survival has not been reset in years. I am constantly wishing it was more like this server, where it resets every 12 months. I think 12 months is nice because it gives plenty of time to actually play and enjoy the game, without tons of worry about your actions being worthless. 8 months, though, is plenty of time still, and it will surely help players that only use say, Skyblock, Factions, or even Drug Wars, want to branch out to Survival. If the change were made I wouldn't mind it. I'd miss my stuff, yeah lol, but I would have the chance to start fresh and that sounds just as fun, if not more. I would imagine a couple of my friends that even have lost interest in Survival would jump right back into the game.

    I support this change mostly. Still uneasy about it but, you know, I also don't think it would be a bad change anyways.

    I do have a question though, when would the reset, should the change be made, take place? I believe it would've normal reset in July, so would this now be March, or did I have the wrong date?
    But yeah, support change overall.
  4. Pat Howe

    Pat Howe

    ok cynda
  5. Mordanthanus


    I know there seem to be a lot of people in favor of resetting more often... Apart from wanting to have the most money on the server at any given time, I see no reason for this. I know that some people, like ytDatabaseError, are able to build HUGE bases in a short amount of time, some of us don't have as much time to spend on the projects we have here. Some builds I work on here take months to complete. I would hate to finish building something and have a reset a week or two later. If I could capture a schematic of my builds, it wouldn't be as big of a deal... but that is a completely different matter. Unless the map is destroyed, there is no reason to reset the server. If the resets are to fix the economy, we need to look at how to fix the issues ruining the economy first. I can think of a few big reasons that cause this, but would piss off a lot of players to remediate them.
  6. dvdchicken


    Hey folks, As for resets I am not a fan of them. I lost real money last reset and I am still pissed off about that. If you reset the server you need to give a store credit of every penny spent over the server running. Not just the last month. I am not sure that I will stay if it resets again. Reason I feel your stealing when you take away the items I purchased in game. Pretty simple and straight forward. DVDChicken
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  7. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    Servers resetting isn't a new concept. The vast majority of non-minigame networks reset their servers after a certain period of time. The main reasons for them are to both add new content that couldn't be added part-way into a server's life, and also to spruce up the server itself. It gives a reason for many that have quit because they grew bored (either because they did everything there was to do, or something else) of the server, and this gives them a chance to start over along with everyone else.

    With every server's reset, we return anything purchased within the last 2 weeks from when the reset is announced. Survival, in this case, has up to a month instead, and we've never had any issues pertaining to this practice. This has been stated on all one-time use items on all of our stores for well over a year.

    While economies breaking can contribute to fast-tracking a reset, they aren't the reason for them. I'm all for putting the world up for download at the end of a server's life, that we'd be able to do. There are a few specific reasons for doing resets on the likes of Survival because of the following:
    - A lot of big updates happen across the network over the server's lifespan that can't be done without a reset (right now, Survival is missing some major reworks that have been done on other servers)
    - We eventually run low on storage space due to the world size (this is basically a cat and mouse game)
    - Worlds that are around for as long as Survival's is usually, are far more prone to having corrupted chunks and cause crashing issues
    - A large portion of the community leave after a certain amount of time because they've essentially done everything they can do

    I'll see if there's any compromise we can come to with it, but I can't guarantee anything right now.
  8. Database Error

    Database Error Insight Team

    8 months? yea.. maybe i better quit too. life-consuming amounts of hours spent in building
    and these players get bored either way, has nothing to do with how long resets are. they get bored of mc not neme. they prefer other servers where they can play silly mini-games or just go play fortnite
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  9. Talcs

    Talcs Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC BART

    I like the idea of 8 month resets. It’s longer than pretty much any other server, but gives a really solid amount of time to accomplish everything needed.
  10. dvdchicken


    I do not agree with your statement" and we've never had any issues pertaining to this practice" Everyone was pissed at you guys for doing that. And we lost a ton of Great players because you guys only went back a month. If you do this people will be mad and leave. I don't loose my stuff that often so I may not buy tools close to the reset. If you guys want this server to be successful I have a road map for turning this around without a reset. Your Staff just does not care enough about this side to put the time in for it to be successful as it could be. And I think its going to take a new owner to fix it. Maybe me.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2018
  11. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    I don't know how you expect me to take the rest of your post seriously with this at the end of it.
    So what you're saying in this post is that it doesn't matter either way because you're not going to be here from here on out, got it.
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  12. Database Error

    Database Error Insight Team

    short amount of time? o_O i have the second most hours (5967) after oogleman1 (8271) despite afking at my farm, i spend a very good amount of it building. for someone like me with no debit and unable to purchase anything, it was frustrating not only letting go of all the massive unfinished bases i've built but to watch others progress easily after reset through spending money buying things, while i had to grind my butt off looking for spawners and starting a cacti farm, many had millions already, as a result, by the time i got a decent grinder, the economy was broken already by players that dont play on the server anymore. and all my grinding felt useless when i was buying op items and shards for butt-cheap!

    while i understand the need for a fresh start, the base players should be considered as well.
    i just noticed the questionable mass majority amount of "yes" voters are players who barely play survival, yet i see unconvincing reasons from them as to why or whether they are actually starting to regularly play survival if it's 8 months instead of of 12 :confused:

    edit: this won't stop doing trades or face-to-face deals and players shops but, how about having a minimum and maximum pricing on the pshop for selling and buying items? edit: ye no thats useless then :D

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