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Official Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Official Information' started by Grandmen123, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Grandmen123


    Forum Rules

    Hey everyone,

    So as you all know, a couple months ago we switched over to our new website, and since then we have been improving the website both on its back-end & front-end. Today we are releasing another update to (hopefully) improve the forums and the interactions of the players on them. Today we are releasing the official Forum Rules.

    So we are gonna use a system based on Warning Points, each offense of a rule will result in a certain amount of warning points being given out to the offender. After they reach a certain amount of Warning Points they will be punished accordingly. This system is in Beta Mode, and will be improved upon in the weeks to follow.


    The following actions are not allowed on our Forums:
    • Spamming of ANY kind, this includes but is not limited to:
      • Caps spamming
      • Thread spamming
        • Note that creating two similar but slightly different threads that could be merged counts as spamming
      • Application spamming
    • Advertising other servers
      • No server IP advertising
      • Any web links/videos/photos about other servers are also considered advertising
      • Note that severe advertising will result in a different punishment
    • Early bumping
      • Note that, you are allowed to bump your thread after 1 week of the last post
    • Point farming of ANY kind
    • Repetitively asking for your thread/report/application/post to be checked by a Staff Member
      • Note that, besides the Warning Points, this will likely result in them not checking what you requested
    • Harassment towards Staff or Players
    • Toxicity, this includes but is not limited to:
        • Note that, due to the wide variety of toxicity that can be displayed, punishments under this rule are divided into 3 levels of severity
      • Racism
      • Homophobia
      • Excessive and unnecessary swearing
    • Direct threats to:
      • A member's physical or psychological well being
      • A staff member's physical or psychological well being
      • The server itself
    • Inappropriate content, this includes but is not limited to:
      • Videos
      • Photos
      • Posts
      • Threads
      • PMs
      • Profile Messages
    • Impersonating of ANY kind
    • Ban evading of ANY kind

    Warning Points System

    Breaking each rule, as mentioned above, will result in getting a certain amount of Warning Points. The amounts for each punishments are:
    • Point Farming => [5]
    • Early Bumping => [5]
    • Spamming => [10]
    • Level 1 Toxicity => [15]
    • Request Spam => [25]
    • Harassment => [25]
    • Threats => [35]
    • Level 2 Toxicity => [40]
    • Advertising => [50]
    • Impersonating => [50]
    • Inappropriate Content => [75]
    • Level 3 Toxicity => [100]
    • Severe Advertising => [150]
    • Ban Evading => [150]

    Most Warning Points will only last 6 months. However, Warning Points for "Point Farming", "Severe Advertising" and "Ban Evading" are permanent.


    I have also previously mentioned that after a certain amount of Warning Points a user will be punished accordingly, these punishments are automatically given out by our system. The punishments and respective point amounts are as follows:
    • 50 Points => Temporary Ban [3 Days]
    • 75 Points => Temporary Ban [2 Weeks]
    • 100 Points => Temporary Ban [2 Months]
    • 150 Points => Permanent Ban

    Appealing a Punishment

    If you believe you have been wrongly accused and given warning points you do not deserve, you can contact @Rasturize / Connor and we will deal with the situation accordingly.

    In addition to this update, a new Rules page is now available so you can view all of our rules in one single place. Check it out here.

    Hope you all enjoy this update, and I can assure you there is much more to come!
    Thank you for your time.

    Nemesis Gaming Management​
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  2. AutoDropper


    Thanks for the information, I think this was very needed so the forums can continue to be cleaned up of any nuisances that continue to bring negative attention. This will help a lot! :)
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  3. DaddySavage16

    New Member

    This was very needed, Thank you so much!
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  4. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    I've been waiting for these! thank you lord grand.
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  5. JimmyCarter


    Wait meaning I'm a homophobe and don't really like gay people I get warning points?!?! This is Highly unfair because of my beliefs and thoughts.
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  6. AutoDropper


    Just a quick question for either @Grandmen123 or @nedthefed - will your warning points show up next to your name on the forums? If not, is there a way to find out how many you have?
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  7. OpixPvP

    New Member

    Being gay is not bad, I am bi. We don't need negative comments on LGBT and we don't need any arguments and slurs going around.

    If you don't really like LGBT, please either don't say anything, or leave. Those are the two best options.
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  8. Nexxie


    Finally so nice you get punished for these things! And, pardon me for asking, but what is bumping?
  9. Rasturize

    Rasturize Staff Member Manager SAM BART ELI

    No it will not show publicly. You can check your own points if you get any.
    Bumping is reposting on your own post to give it more attention.
  10. AutoDropper


    How would you be able to check that? Specific page for it?
  11. WishMeAway


    You look 13 but i mean you can still be bi but xd very rare for 13 year olds being bi but whatevs
  12. Nexxie


    Ah, okay. I wanted to know so I didn't accidentally do it ;V;
  13. OpixPvP

    New Member

    I'm 10...
  14. Harry (Decoys)

    Harry (Decoys)
    New Member

    Brilliant! Great work guys!
  15. Nexxie


    If your ten, why is your parents letting you talk to strangers online...?!
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  16. OpixPvP

    New Member

    Because they don't care about me/what I do
  17. Nexxie


    Then common sense child. Every single person on the server could be someone else~
  18. GoldRush


    There was NO reason to bring up LGBT on a MineCraft server forums, please refrain from responding to this comment and PM me if you have any further concerns.
    I like these new rules, my only question is... How does one view how many points they've racked up?
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  19. JimmyCarter


    Lmao Btw for all the people Who actually think I hate gays I was only kidding I was just bringing up some way to objectify the rules and break them without breaking them

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