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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Defts//Nar, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Defts//Nar


    I feel lazy af today and want to buy $100 worth of snacks, but I do not know what I want. All I know is I'm craving Milk Duds and cookie dough. Someone pls tell me what food I should buy >.<
  2. DarkSky

    New Member

    Lifehack: You don't have to pay if the food fits into your bag.
  3. Cakke_

    Cakke_ Staff Member Mod

    facts lmao
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  4. MustardHotdogs


    Grab expensive and cheap foods. Go up to the self-serve checkout and scan the cheap foods at first (only a few) and then while no one is looking put the expensive foods quickly in the bag but make it look like you've scanned it and then put the other cheap food on the top. Pay for it and walk out and fucking get out of there xddddddddddd
  5. Anti

    Anti Staff Member Half Moderator

    just come to my house i have a whole room filled with food
  6. Myzzelf

    Myzzelf Staff Member Mod ELI

    Mac donalds fam :>
  7. NotOkay

    Forum Master

  8. Palabow


    Anything that makes you happy when you eat it! xD :)
  9. WhiteThornRose


    please don't steal food or mug someone because they have a sandwich on their hand.
  10. Defts//Nar


    *Runs to the store and pays for candy and walks out with $2000 caviar*

    My distant cousin got arrested for something like this. He bought a box of skinny pop popcorn, but before he bought it, he emptied it and filled it with electronics at Sam's Club.

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