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Fishing System & Feedback

Discussion in 'Skyblock Discussion' started by Rasturize, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Rasturize

    Rasturize VIP

    The fishing system on Skyblock has undergone some changes during this reset so far, and I've seen lots of people enjoying it and also asking for changes. Here is a good place to let me know what changes you want made, and I'll let you know what plans for change we have.

    Currently, I plan on:
    - Adding more rewards to fishing such as CEs, MobCoins and Spawners(?).
    - Adding more tiers past level 100 with new rewards.
    - Creating a booster system based on VoteParties, Store, and Crate rewards.

    Right now the system has:
    - Rewards up to level 100.
    - Blocks, souls, and other rare items as rewards.
    - A full level system that gives better rewards as you progress.

    Let me know what you think and any suggestions you have :)
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  2. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Admin ISAAC BART ELI SAM

    I really like how the system works, it is really fun and I like the new plans :)
  3. Xary


    I really enjoy the fishing system.

    Love to see more tiers after level 100 and maybe after level 100 on a very rare change be able to fish up a spawner? That would be great.
    Just 1 thing. I like to do al the challenges with /c The first fisherman you need 128 clown fish, on fishingspecialist you need 512 clown fish. I am at level 42 at the lake, Yes I know I fish a lot!!! But I only have 52 clownfish in total. Never sold them or gave them away. So that is indeed a very hard challenge. Ofcourse I can ship them, but I love to do them all. So maybe boost the catsh change a little bit?

    Maybe a list that we can see at what level we can catch the different items? So you know why you are leveling the fishing at the lake?
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  4. DrPump

    DrPump Staff Member Mod BART

    I like how it takes a long time to level up so there will always be something for me to do.
  5. marinaoat


    I've always enjoyed fishing in Minecraft (I'm THAT player); it helps me find inspiration to build.
    I'm super happy there is a communal fishing spot and people are enjoying it.
    Thanks to the team for this new feature :)
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  6. Rasturize

    Rasturize VIP

    The actual fish you obtain are completely random, same as vanilla fishing methods. I could modify this in the future if more people want it.
  7. cyn


    I loooove the fishing minigame aspect to the server! I agree with Xary in that having a way to make rare fish less rare would be super nice because the salmon and clownfish challenges are SUPER difficult to get. Higher fishing level = more chance to get rarer fish? It wouldn’t be an issue outside of the fishing minigame as people can afk fish for normal fish and be fine!

    In addition, higher levels = higher peaceful soul chances as well? I was that’s already a thing but I’m like level 4 fishing so DJDJDKD

    I love it as a whole tho and it adds a fun aspect to the server where u can go fishing for sponges etc or if ur just bored!! Fun social part too if other people are also at the lake :)
  8. 2DLoli


    I believe that the OP fishing rods are not really worth buying or upgrading to mark 2 and mark 3. This is because not only is the default one worse than the BM one, but the mark 2 and mark 3 only upgrade the Luck of The Sea enchantment which only improves the amount of fish that is dropped (I'm not bothered about the fish) and not the ores/blocks and sponge. I'm aware that lure doesn't go above 5 but even the mark 3 is at 4 so there is still room for some sort of buff. Also, if there was a way to make an increase in blocks/ores/sponge from the Luck of The Sea enchantment, that would be very useful and would give players an actual reason to buy the fishing rod/upgrade it.
  9. Rasturize

    Rasturize VIP

    Currently you will get more of every reward as you level up more. I'll look into making rare fish types easier to get.

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  10. nedthefed

    nedthefed Staff Member Upper Manager Staff Manager

    @Rasturize will be looking into making Luck increase the amount of XP earned per fish, and the rewards you earn from fishing (like the money, materials etc.)
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