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First two P200s

Discussion in 'Prison Discussion' started by TheShortPerson, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. TheShortPerson

    TheShortPerson Staff Member Sr. Mod BART ELI

    On the night of Tuesday, June 12th, exactly one month after the server reset, and continuing well into the early morning of Wednesday, June 13th, two people attained the highest mine tier, this being at prestige 200:

    First to p200: @kanepw, attained at 1:47 a.m. EDT on 6/13/2018.

    Second to p200: @TheShortPerson, attained at 1:53 a.m. EDT on 6/13/2018.

    /ranktop as of 2:00 a.m. EDT on 6/13/2018:
    After I got to p200, I decided to do some calculations. What I came up with is this:
    p0-->p200 is ~120T
    5% (6T) of that is p0-->p100
    8% (10T) of that is p100-->p125
    17% (20T) of that is p125-->p150
    26% (32T) of that is p150-->p175
    43% (50T) of that is p175-->p200
    = 99% (1% error due to rounding)

    May the hunt for the third p200 begin!
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  2. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    how do you have time for this
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  3. Myzzelf

    Myzzelf Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC ELI

    Grats :eek:
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  4. KaiBowman



    guess you will be getting a $100 buycraft voucher
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    wait. what if i buy 100 /sorries and get to p400?
  5. etharyn


    well you will be the first person to get to p400 i guess? xD

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